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Are You Storing Your Makeup Properly? Here's What You May Be Doing Wrong and How To Fix It

By Cassidy Best | Nov 22, 2021
Are You Storing Your Makeup Properly? Here's What You May Be Doing Wrong and How To Fix It

You’re just obsessed with that new foundation that makes your skin look perfect. You’re hoping this baby lasts you at least a couple months before you have to re-purchase, right? Well, the last thing you want to do is ruin the formula by storing your makeup in the wrong conditions. Let us help you extend the shelf life of your faves by nixing those old makeup storage spots, and stepping into new ones! Here are three places you should definitely not keep your beauty products, and where to move them instead.

The Bathroom

The most common place you might consider storing your makeup is on your bathroom counter or in your bathroom cabinets. But this is actually the worst place you can keep it! Humidity can cause products to expire quicker and break down the key ingredients. Powders especially (foundation, blush, bronzer, highlighters, etc.) experience damage from wet climates, and can clump and crack if stored improperly.

Move it here: Try moving it to a case, a cart, or a bag that you can transport easily, but can keep in a dry, mild environment. That way, if your only method of getting glam is in the bathroom (or that’s the best lighting - we see you!), you can easily move it from its home.

The Sunlight

Although you’re likely not keeping your makeup outside (we hope!), you might be storing your makeup in direct sunlight without realizing it. For example, do you leave concealer in your car for touch-ups on the go? You’re basically baking it (and not in a good way). Or maybe you leave your makeup on a ledge of a window in your room (because after all, natural light is the best for makeup application!). Well, that morning sunrise may be beautiful, but it’s terrible for your favorite products. Just like humidity, sunlight will cause your formulas to expire faster.

Move it here: Try keeping your makeup in a vanity drawer or cabinet - somewhere dark and dry. This is the best of both worlds!

This actually only goes for your makeup sponges and brushes. After you use your makeup sponge for your foundation, don’t toss them back in your bag. This can actually cause your sponge or foundation brush to grow mold. Uh… yuck.

Move it here: Let your brushes and sponges dry in a flat, open space after you use or clean them. This will keep them clean and your skin in the clear!

Where do you store your beauty products? Are you rethinking based on these tips?