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How To Apply Primer and When To Use It

By Danielle Lewis | Jan 31, 2020
How To Apply Primer and When To Use It

We hear you: We’re all more time-starved than ever and sometimes, just applying makeup at all can feel like an accomplishment! And when you’re crunched for time, adding primer just seems like a step to be saved for special events.

Should you add primer into your daily routine at all? If so, when? Making space for this (spoiler alert: necessary) step can pay off in more ways than one. Keep reading to have your primer questions answered!

What is primer and why should I use it?

Makeup covers color, not texture. This means that if you’re not starting with a perfectly smooth canvas (spoiler alert: most of us aren’t), primer can help get your skin where it needs to be before you apply a stitch of foundation. Primer is the very last step before applying your complexion items and it preps (and primes) the skin for makeup.

When should I apply primer?

Face primer is your foundation’s BFF - nothing should come between the two. After you’ve applied moisturizer, follow up with your primer and then move into your foundation or concealer. Whether priming your face or your eyelids, you’re setting yourself up for success by locking in your look.

Which primer is best for me?

Selecting the best primer for you is all about your skin concerns. If you’re oily, you’ll want a primer that mattifies and helps control oil. This is essential because it provides a barrier between your skin and your makeup preventing the oils from breaking down your look throughout the day.

If you have textured skin, using a primer that smooths and fills in lines is essential so that your foundation can glide effortlessly across your face. Silicone is an ingredient that is great for this purpose - and believe it or not, it’s not the evil ingredient that it’s been made out to be.

Primer prolongs the wear of any look and the benefits go beyond your skin! Eye primer not only locks your favorite shadows into place, it also makes the colors more vibrant and ensures that there’s no creasing or fading during the day.

How do I apply primer?

Be sure to complete all of your usual skincare steps before applying primer. For maximum benefits, your primer and your foundation should lay side-by-side on your face, with no other products coming between those two layers.

The amount of primer you apply depends on the type you’re using, but typically a dime-sized amount is perfect for all over the face. If you’re using a mattifying formula, only target areas that get oily during the day. For most other formulas, massage a dime-sized amount onto your face and wait about a minute before you apply your foundation or concealer. This gives the primer time to set so it works with your makeup, not against it.

Whether you apply with fingers or your favorite foundation brush, ensure that your primer is seamlessly blended before applying foundation.

When applying eye primer, we recommend doing one eye at a time. A pea-sized amount is enough for both lids. Using your fingertips, blend the primer into the lid evenly. Let primer set for a few seconds so that you have a smooth surface, and no shadow clings.

Why should I use Wander Beauty's Smooth Sailing primers?

Smooth Sailing Perfecting Primer is the perfect pick to mattify, minimize pores and blur imperfections for smooth sailing all day. The lightweight formula blends seamlessly into skin, leaving behind an even canvas that provides a silky smooth application for makeup and extended wear. The suspended gold flakes help increase elasticity for healthier looking skin.

Smooth Sailing 360° Eye Primer is a silky, lightweight primer that can be used around the entire eye area (including under eyes, brow bones and eyelid) to prolong the wear and pigment of eyeshadow or concealer. The crease and smudge-proof primer diminishes the look of fine lines and smooths unwanted texture on skin while locking in your look.

So, will you be making time to prime? Share your position on primer with us at @wander_beauty!

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