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Brush-Free Beauty: Here's How to Apply Your Favorite Products, No Tools Needed

By Caroline Maeda | Nov 22, 2021
Brush-Free Beauty: Here's How to Apply Your Favorite Products, No Tools Needed

We’re all familiar with the beauty tool struggle. You sit down to do your routine, constantly switch between different sized brushes and sponges, pack another set for your touch up bag, and put off washing them for weeks (or even months). And when you finally do get around to cleaning them, it takes hours to wash and dry. Who has the time?

In a world filled with brushes, sponges, and puffs, we often forget about one of the best beauty tools we have in our arsenal: our hands! Not only are your hands a free beauty tool, but they can be used for almost any type of product. Keep reading for our favorite tips for brush-free beauty.

First Things First...

Wash your hands! Just as beauty tools can harbor bacteria, so can your hands. Make sure to properly sanitize your hands to prevent any breakout disasters.

Liquid and cream products work best for brush-free application, but you can also make powders work, too. Using your hands warm up creamy formulas and helps it melt into the skin for seamless blending.


Pour, pump, or squeeze (depending on what type of component your foundation comes in) some foundation onto the back of your hand and then dot it all over the face. If your foundation comes in a stick or cream compact, feel free to apply directly to the face. Beginning in the center of the face, massage the foundation into skin with your fingertips, working outwards. Repeat this step as many times as necessary to create your preferred coverage level.


Apply concealer directly to the skin in areas you want extra coverage. Use your ring finger to pat the product into the skin. Unlike brushes and sponges which absorb product, using your fingers ensures precise and concentrated application.

Blush & Highlight

On to the cheeks! Start with blush. If you’re using a cream formula in a stick or pot, swipe the color onto the apples of the cheeks. If you prefer a liquid, first apply on the back of your hand and then dot onto the cheeks. Like with liquid foundation, this helps control the amount of product being applied. It’s easier to build up pigment instead of scaling it back. Tap the product into the skin, blending upwards towards the temples. Repeat the same steps with highlighter on the cheekbones, making sure to blend the two together to avoid any streaks.


Swirl your finger into your eyeshadow of choice (cream or powder!) and pat onto the lids for a wash of color. For some added glow, apply highlighter with your finger in the inner corners and on the brow bone - your pinky finger is perfect for this precise area. Finish off the eyes with a couple coats of your favorite mascara.


While most lip colors (lipstick, gloss, stain, balm) come with their own doe-foot applicator or can be applied directly from the bullet, your hands can still be great tools. Try using your fingers to pat the color onto your lips for a more sheer, natural look. Create an ombre effect by adding a lighter shade in the center of your lips. You can even customize your own lip color by mixing your multiple formulas on your hand before patting onto your lips.

Finger-Friendly Formulas

At Wander Beauty, we're all about creamy, finger-friendly formulas so you can stay gorgeous on the go. Shop our creamy blushes, highlighters, lip products and beyond here.

And there you have it. A full face in minutes and not a single brush in sight! What’s your favorite way to apply your makeup? Are you all about the tools or feeling more “handy”? Let us know @wander_beauty!

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