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Hidden Glow or Glow Ahead Illuminating Oil: The Differences Between These Oils and why You need Both

By Cassidy Best | Jul 31, 2019
Hidden Glow or Glow Ahead Illuminating Oil: The Differences Between These Oils and why You need Both

Hey Beauty! You may have noticed that we’ve been busy around here creating and releasing new multitaskers… especially those that help you glow. Recently we released two brand new glow products: Hidden Glow and Glow Ahead Illuminating Oil. Though they both provide glow and luminosity, these new multitaskers are different in so many ways and together, they make a shining pair. We’re going to dive into the differences, what makes each product so special, and how you can wear and pair them! Read on for the rundown.

What They Do

So let’s start with the basics: What do each of these products actually do? First, Hidden Glow is a moisturizer that starts off white and transforms into a golden color, adding warmth and natural glow to all skin types and tones. This formula actually started out as an eye cream so you know it is super nourishing and packed with skin loving ingredients.

In comparison, Glow Ahead Illuminating Oil is infused with light diffusing optics that will give you instant vibrance and illuminosity to skin. The formula is lightweight and has an oil-serum texture, and gives you a dewy finish without leaving you looking or feeling oily.

Finally, unlike our multitasker Catch the Light Highlighter and Glowtion, the pearls (aka what makes it glow) in Hidden Glow and Glow Ahead Illuminating Oil are subtle, so your glow will look natural. Basically, imagine looking fully hydrated, rested, and slightly sunkissed with these two.

Their Benefits & Key Ingredients

Both Hidden Glow and Glow Ahead Illuminating Oil are hydrating and brightening products, but their unique ingredients make both important steps in your skincare routine. Let’s deep dive into the key ingredients and benefits of both products.

First up, Hidden Glow. We call this product a skincare and makeup hybrid because it gives you the radiance of a skin illuminating perfector along with the benefits of a cream. It also contains Centella Asiatica Extract, which is packed with amino acids. This helps improve elasticity and overall texture. Finally, Hidden Glow contains adenosine, which soothes the skin while giving it a youthful appearance.

Next, let’s take a look at what’s in Glow Ahead Illuminating Oil. In contrast to Hidden Glow, Glow Ahead Illuminating Oil is more of a serum, yet still hydrating. It contains niacinamide, which is known to soothe skin, even skin tone, and reduce the appearance of pores. Another key ingredient is black currant seed oil, which moisturizes skin, and helps to balance the skin’s oil production. Finally, it’s packed with rosa damascena flower oil and peony extract that helps nourish, protect, and heal the skin.

How to Wear and Pair Them

Let’s get to the good stuff… how to wear and pair them, starting with Hidden Glow! Like our other multitaskers, Hidden Glow is versatile. It can replace your moisturizer, or you can layer it with another moisturizer. It’s super lightweight, so it plays well with makeup. Try layering it on top of your foundation to enhance the high points of your face or wear it alone for a healthy, natural warmth.

Next, Glow Ahead Illuminating Oil. Like we mentioned, Glow Ahead Illuminating Oil has a lightweight oil serum texture, so it’s perfect for mixing in with your foundation for a boost of radiance. It also reduces the appearance of pores, giving your skin a smooth finish, all while keeping it hydrated and dewy. It can also be used to prep the skin for makeup, or it can be worn alone for a gentle shimmer. You can also use Glow Ahead Illuminating Oil on your lips and shoulders for moisture and a subtle shine. Plus, it’s pink so it’s fun for the summer!

Together, these multitaskers make a perfect glowy pair. To use them both together, try replacing your moisturizer with Hidden Glow and mixing Glow Ahead Illuminating Oil in with your foundation. Or layer Hidden Glow over your makeup on the high points of your face, and use Glow Ahead Illuminating Oil on your neck, chest and shoulders for a natural, sun-kissed glow and on your lips for a light gloss. The options are endless, so let’s get glowing!

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