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3 Fun Makeup Ideas to Boost Your Mood While Staying Indoors

By Cassidy Best | May 11, 2020
3 Fun Makeup Ideas to Boost Your Mood While Staying Indoors

Are you getting tired of your WFH makeup routine? Because SAME. I need something new! I know you're probably thinking, why is she even bothering to put on makeup? I notice that on the days where I do get up and get ready, I feel calmer, more productive and focused, and it gives me a sense of normalcy.

I also know that now more than ever, I need something to look forward to. I need something to brighten my mood. That’s the power of makeup! When you feel confident, your spirts are instantly lifted. Plus, now is the time to try creative new looks that you may be too afraid to try when you're headed to the office. Read on if you’re ready for mood boosting makeup!

Dramatic Smokey Eye

When I think of a smokey eye, I recall my first attempts in ninth grade. My smokey eye looked like I accidentally punched myself and I had eyeliner smudged (not in a cute way) all over my eyes. My mom immediately made me wash it off - good looking out mom! Since then, I’ve stayed away from a smokey eye. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. But we have grown! We know things now! We can do this.

For your smokey eye, try using greys and browns, and avoid using a dark black shade. Black can be a bit tricky due to its intensity so best to stay away, at least for your first attempt. Try using the shade Overnight from our Wanderess Escape Eyeshadow Palette on your outer corner of your eyes. Then on the lid, layer on our Exquisite Eye Liquid Shadow in the shade Steel Street. Taking your favorite grey or light brown shadow along the crease, blend together with a fluffy brush. Finish the look off by applying gel eyeliner on the outer corner and waterline and smudging with a small angled eyeshadow brush to blend. If you’re feeling extra bold, apply a pair of false lashes, take a million selfies, and live your best life!

Gorgeous Graphic Liner

If you’re unfamiliar with graphic eyeliner, it’s more than your simple cat eye. Essentially, you’re expanding your normal liner to a more detailed design. This could be extending your eyeliner below your waterline to mimic longer eyelashes, or extending the wing of your eyeliner up and over to your crease. Grab a liquid eyeliner and start experimenting! There are no wrong answers!

Creative Color Eyeshadow

Do you have a pan or two in your favorite eyeshadow palette that never gets used because A) you don’t know how, or B) you’re afraid the bold colors won’t look good on you, or C) all of the above? For me, it’s the shade Orchid, the shimmer light purple from the Wanderess Fling Eyeshadow Palette, and Coastal, the satin deep blue from the Wanderess Seascape Eyeshadow Palette. These colors are absolutely gorgeous in the pan but I’ve always been nervous about applying them, especially on my blue eyes. But now is the time! I’m going to keep it simple with both looks I create since the colors speak for themselves.

For the first look, I’ll apply the shade Champagne Harbor, a shimmer champagne, on my lid and smoke it out with Coastal on the outer corner. I’ll then take an angled eyeshadow brush and bring the blue color down to my lower lash line to act as a bottom eyeliner. I’ll finish the look with Unlashed Volume and Curl Mascara.

The second look I’ll create is with the shades Orchid and Bouquet, a foil champagne gold. I’ll start by using my finger to apply Orchid all over my lid. Since it’s a shimmer shade, you’ll get the most pigmentation from the shadow by applying with your finger or a wet flat brush. I’ll apply Bouquet the same way, but only to my inner corner for a pop of brightness. Finally, I’ll finish the look by blending with a fluffy brush and applying mascara.

Are you getting creative during quarantine? Show us at @Wander_Beauty!