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How to Downsize Your Makeup Bag to 5 Items

By Emily Chiang | Mar 25, 2019
How to Downsize Your Makeup Bag to 5 Items

Hi guys! It's Brianna from Team Wander and yes you read that right, I took my 15+ step makeup routine down to five items for one week and here’s what happened…

So, Which Multitaskers Made The Cut?

First things first: let’s discuss which multitasking essentials helped get me through a week of this challenge. In my beauty bag for the week, I had Nude Illusion Foundation, On-the-Glow Blush & Illuminator in Coral Rose, Mile High Club Mascara, Dualist Matte & Illuminating Concealer and Play All Day Translucent Powder. I’m the type that loves to wear makeup and experiment with new products, but with my crazy schedule, it’s hard. I always end up trying to squeeze in every minute of sleep that I can which leads me to never really having time to sit down for a 15-step makeup routine. At first, using only five items for a week worried me, but after day one I was living for it!

Wander Beauty Products

What Happened!?

Over the course of the week, my schedule ranged from having class, work, attending bridal appointments and even a date night, so working with five items had me worried at first until I actually tried it. Using these five items allowed me to do a beautiful makeup look in less than 15 minutes each day. Yes, you heard me right, less than 15 minutes!

Each morning, my basic routine was foundation, concealer, translucent powder to set, mascara and then On-the-Glow Blush & Illuminator, which was my absolute lifesaver! On-the-Glow Blush & Illuminator is what I used as my ultimate multitasker, depending on the day. I was able to use this lifeline as a blush, cream shadow, lipstick and a highlighter. I am a girl who loves a good glow so to go about my makeup routine without one is not even an option, but On-the-Glow made it so that I didn’t have to choose between highlighter or a lip. This item allowed me to get multiple looks within minutes.

The Looks I Created

Like mentioned earlier, I had a pretty large array of plans last week that of course accounted for all different looks. My go-to look for class was the absolute easiest. It consisted of the Dualist Concealer to cover up those dark circles from my lack of sleep and some mascara to open my eyes. I knew that look wouldn't be a challenge considering I never wear a full face to class anyway.

The next was work, this was still pretty simple: I wore my Nude Illusion Foundation, Dualist Matte Concealer and Mile High Club Mascara for a flawless complexion.

My date night look is what I was most concerned about. I’m used to my date night look taking a minimum of forty minutes (and that’s without picking an outfit!), but I knew with this challenge it wouldn't be possible. I used all five products for this look, but trust me no one would have ever guessed! I used Nude Illusion, Dualist, Play All Day, Mile High and On-the-Glow is what saved me and brought this look from daytime to night time in no more than five minutes. I used the cream blush side to add color to my cheeks, to give me a peachy lip, and as a cream shadow to define my crease. After that, I simply flipped it over and used the Illuminating side to pack on some color on the center of my lid, leaving my eye looks to be a beautiful shimmer peachy look and than used the illuminating side to brighten the highpoint of my cheeks, nose and cupid's bow. This is what brought my average look to the next level. I felt beautiful but even better I felt relaxed because I still had so much time to kill before my date picked me up!

Want to Take The Challenge?

When I told my family about this challenge they looked at me as if I was crazy considering they know how much I enjoy using makeup. I told them this and I will tell this to you, everyone needs to try this challenge! This saved me so much time in the morning, made my skin feel as if it could breath better throughout the day, lightened my makeup bag and made touch-ups throughout the day so simple.

I chose my five products based on my skin type and what I find most important in a makeup routine. For instance, Play All Day Translucent Powder was an absolute must for me because I have extremely oily skin making any makeup I wear fade throughout the day. I needed Play All Day Translucent Powder to lock in my makeup look, but of course this is not a necessity for some Wanderesses. If you prefer to have your brow game strong every day, you can definitely used our Frame Your Face Brow Pencil instead for your own five product challenge! This challenge can be totally customizable to you based off of your skin needs and staples within your makeup collection.

If you end up giving this a try (which you totally should) tag us on Instagram @wander_beauty so we can check out your look and see how you took your makeup bag down to five items and makeup routine down to 15 minutes!

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