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Everything you need to know about Pack Up & Glow

By Max Brockbank | Apr 04, 2022
wander beauty pack up & glow priming spf tubes

Meet Pack Up & Glow Priming Mineral SPF 40, your new daily sunscreen that goes the extra mile™. Don’t go another day compromising your SPF, call it quits and pack it up. Our next-generation 100% mineral-based sunscreen protects, prevents, perfects, and primes skin. A sheer and lightweight formula that protects against UVA/UVB rays, free radicals and blue light while preventing moisture loss and photoaging. But wait, it gets better! This skin perfecting formula provides skin with a luminous, healthy glow that easily works into all skin types and tones leaving no white cast. It's never greasy, sticky, or heavy leaving a satin finish that’s a perfect priming base for makeup application.

Our 4-in-100% Mineral sunscreen: 

  • Protects against UVA/UVB, environmental aggressors, blue light
  • Prevents photoaging and moisture loss
  • Perfects by giving skin a healthy luminous glow, leaving no white cast
  • Primes with a satin finish creating a perfect canvas for makeup

What makes Pack Up & Glow different? 

Before now, mineral sunscreens required high levels of zinc oxide to achieve high SPF protection. The result was a product that was difficult to apply and left all skin tones looking ashy and feeling uncomfortable. 

Pack Up & Glow uses a proprietary technology that boosts the performance of zinc oxide meaning less can be used to still achieve a higher SPF protection. 

This technology means we can deliver a 100% mineral sunscreen with high SPF protection that spreads and blends better onto skin and leaves no white cast on all skin tones.


  • Never a greasy finish 
  • Delivers a blurred skin affect/ primes for makeup
  • Not your traditional 100% mineral formula (easy to blend, no purple cast, no greasy residue, doesn’t clog skin, etc)
  • Works well on all skin types including sensitive and acne prone 
  • Proactively soothes skin during sun exposure (both outdoors and indoors)  
  • Ingredients that even out complexion

What It Does:

  • Prevents sunburn 
  • Decreases the risk of skin cancer
  • Protects against the signs of aging caused by sun exposure
  • Provides Blue light protection
  • Broad spectrum protection (UVA/UVB)
  • Holistic protection
  • Hydration and protection
  • Primes the skin for makeup 

    How To Use it:

    • Apply a generous amount as the last step in your morning skincare routine.
    • Use the "two finger" rule  (two strips of sunscreen should be squeezed from the tip to the base of the index and middle fingers).
    • Reapply every two hours.

    Make It Multitask: 

    • Apply during your morning routine for daily sun protection.
    • Use as a primer for makeup.
    • Apply using a Wander cushion throughout the day for additional protection.

    Ingredients & Benefits: 

    NON-NANO ZINC OXIDE + TITANIUM DIOXIDE: Referred to as physical sunscreen filters, both provide a protective outer barrier to block against UVA and UVB rays and work with more sensitive prone skin

    VITAMIN D: An antioxidant and anti-inflammatory rich to help protect skin

    ANTIOXIDANT COMPLEX WITH GREEN TEA COMPLEX: Clinically shown to boost antioxidant activity by up to 200%

    PLANT DERIVED SQUALANE + HYALURONIC ACID: Helps hydrate and maintain skin's moisture barrier 

    PLANKTON EXTRACT: Delivers an even looking skin tone

    BISABOLOL + ALLANTOIN: Soothes irritated and sensitive skin 

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