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Here's Every Trick You Need for Mastering Liquid Liner

By Danielle Lewis | Sep 23, 2019
Here's Every Trick You Need for Mastering Liquid Liner

There’s nothing more classic than a sharp cat eye. With our all new High Line Liquid Eyeliner, you’re three quick steps away from a look that’s sure to have all eyes on you! Even if you’ve been struggling to master a liquid liner, High Line was created with liner newbies and junkies both in mind. This felt tip liner is easy to maneuver, making it easy to master the art of eyeliner.

Step #1: Walk the Line

The secret to symmetrical liner is letting your eye shape lead you. Line the eyeliner tip up with your lower lashes and create a ‘flick’ that extends from the corner of your lower lash line. This ensures that you have a straight line instead of the dreaded “handlebars” that curl upwards.

Step #2: Make the Connection

Once you’ve extended the lower lash line, connect the outer point to the lid with a few short, quick flicks, moving in toward the center of the eye. Our goal here is to create the outline of the cat eye. We aren’t filling it in just yet.

Step #3: Fill in the Blanks

After you’ve connected the cat eye to the line on your lid, fill in any areas that are bare with a few swipes of liquid liner using the tip of your liner for precise application.

Step #4: Clean It Up

For an even sharper finish, use a winged liner brush dipped in a bit of makeup remover or water, and refine the outer tip of your liner look!

Step #5: Lash Out

For a feline effect, hit the outer lashes (furthest from the center of your face) with a healthy dose of mascara.

Still need some more tips and tricks? Read on!

Everything You Need To Know When Applying Liquid Eyeliner

Want to make your lashes appear fuller? Or are you more into creating a classic cat eye moment? Or are you finding that your liners are drying out? Here are the four things you need to know when applying liquid eyeliner.

Take Your Time

Be intentional with placement. This is super important when working with liquid formulas. It’s the difference between a cute, clean cat eye and a smoky eye.

Put A Lid On It

Always keep the cap on when the liner is not in use (even between applications as you are moving from eye to eye). This prolongs the life of your liner and prevents you from discovering a dry liner right before date night.

Stay Sharp (And If You Can't, That's OK!)

Always remember that you can sharpen and adjust lines with q-tips or a makeup brush and your favorite micellar water. There’s nothing that a little makeup remover can’t fix!

Stay Down

Ensure that you’re holding your liner with the tip pointing down so that the liner fluid loads into the tip and is always ready when you are!

Still have more questions about nailing your liquid liner look? DM us at @wander_beauty!

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