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Deskercise: 5 Easy Stretches For Your WFH Routine

By Wander Beauty | Nov 22, 2021
Deskercise: 5 Easy Stretches For Your WFH Routine

It’s no secret that the more time we spend working from home, the more we sit at the same desk or couch for most of our day. Hunching over a laptop and sitting without breaks can take a toll on our bodies and minds. A walk around the block or a quick workout can help but sometimes there just isn't enough time for that. That’s where deskercise steps in! Deskercise is exactly what it sounds like: desk exercise. Here are a few exercises you can do sitting at or around your workspace to prevent those afternoon aches and pains.

1. Clasped Hand Neck Stretch

Looking down at a laptop causes repeated strain on your neck. Neck pain can also be caused by stress and improper posture. The best stretches to relieve neck tightness engage all of the muscle groups involved in creating the pain. After all, slouching doesn’t just involve your neck, but also your shoulders and back.

- Make sure you are seated properly with your upper body in alignment

- Hold the back of your head with both hands**

- Gently tuck your chin into your chest, letting the full weight of your hands sit on your head

- Hold the stretch for 30 seconds, or longer for a deeper stretch. Don’t forget to breathe!

**If the stretch feels too intense, only place one hand on your head

2. Standing Hamstring Stretch

Stretching your hamstrings not only helps leg tightness but can also help prevent injuries and relieve lower back pain.

- While standing, cross your right foot over your left

- With both legs straight, slowly bend at the waist towards your knees. Keep bending until you feel a good stretch.

- Hold for 30 seconds

- Stretch the opposite leg by placing your left foot over your right. Repeat.

3. One Arm Hug

Targeting your triceps, the one arm hug is a simple exercise that can be done sitting down.

- Cross your left arm over your chest

- Hold your left arm with your right hand or clasp it with the inside of your right elbow

- Bend your left arm over your right shoulder as if you were giving yourself a hug

- Hold for 30 seconds

- Repeat with the right arm

4. Overhead Arm Reach

This classic stretch targets your upper back and arms.

- In a sitting or standing position, reach both arms over your head and clasp your hands together

- Inhale then lean to one side while exhaling. Repeat on the other side.

- Stretch several times on both sides

5. Extended Arm Wrist Stretch

Prevent carpal tunnel and typing soreness with this easy wrist stretch.

- Reach your right arm out in front of you at eye level

- Pull your fingers towards your face using your left hand

- Hold for 30 seconds, repeat up to three times

- Repeat on the left arm

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