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Beauty Basics: The 5 Skincare Hacks Everyone Should Know

By Wander Beauty | Nov 22, 2021
Beauty Basics: The 5 Skincare Hacks Everyone Should Know

There are so many beauty products in the market that promise to help us achieve the skin we desire so badly. We have multi-step skincare routines, check our labels, but is there something more we can do to make sure our beauty products are working as hard as we do? To maximize the efficacy of these products, it is important to practice good habits that will allow your beauty products to work to their fullest potential! We’re here to share five hacks that may unlock the secret to even better skin. Interested in hearing more? Read on.

1. Hand-Free Zone

If there is one skincare hack you should know and follow, it would be this one: Keep your face a hands-free zone. Your hands are covered in bacteria from touching everything around you, from doorknobs to poles on trains. Your hands are carrying just about everything you can think of. By touching your face, you’re spreading the bacteria and inadvertently triggering breakouts and other skin problems.

2. Switch Your Pillowcase

Your pillowcase is a breeding ground for acne. They hang onto dirt, oil, and bacteria from our faces and hair. Try to swap out your pillowcase at least once a week to reduce the risk of a breakout. Another trick? Swap sides each night to get a bit more use out of your pillow before having to wash!

3. Clean Your Cell Phone Screen, Glasses and Sunglasses

We are constantly carrying our cellphones. Any germs that are on our hand get transferred to our phones, and subsequently, to our face when we take a call, yet we tend to neglect cleaning our phones. Our phones are much dirtier than you may think. Many research results show that our cellphones carry 10 times more bacteria than toilet seats. Would you rub your face on a toilet seat? Didn’t think so!

Our glasses and sunglasses are extremely dirty as well! They rest on our faces for hours and get oily from our face and the environment around us. Try to clean your glasses and sunglasses after each wear. Not only will you see better, it will be better for your skin.

4. Wash Your Face With Cold Water

Washing your face with cold water is a great way to refresh your skin! Not only does the cool water wake you up, it helps to reduce puffiness, tighten pores, and even calm any redness and irritation. It is the quickest way to fake awake!

5. Layer Your Products

Another one of our favorite skincare hacks is to layer your skincare products the right way for maximum results. A good rule of thumb is to apply your most lightweight products first and move on to your thickest formulas at the end of your routine. The thicker products will act as a protective barrier and helps to retain moisture to keep your skin hydrated.

What’s your favorite beauty hack? Let us know yours by DM’ing @wander_beauty!