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3 Beauty Products that help to Reduce Stress

By Wander Beauty | Oct 30, 2019
3 Beauty Products that help to Reduce Stress

With school in full swing and the holidays coming up fast, the fall and winter seasons are some of the most stressful seasons of the year. For those returning to university, making big life changes or maintaining busy schedules, you’re likely reaching your maximum stress capacity on a daily basis.

And when you’re busy, you’re also strapped for time. So, how do you take the time for the stress relief you need?

We’ve got your back! Check out some of our best hydrating mask, under-eye mask, and peel off mask to not only promote healthy skin but also leave you feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to take on anything that comes your way.

Extend Your Stay (and Vacation) with an Extra Hydrating Mask

Heavy-duty results only come from heavy-duty, labor-intensive, cancel-my-afternoon beauty masks, right? Wrong! With Staycation Hydrating Mask, your skin will feel deeply hydrated, supple and bouncy in just 10-15 minutes (or while you sleep).

With an intense blend of antioxidants and fruit extracts, you can use this multitasking beauty mask to wake up with verve in the morning or relax with skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. This lightweight hydrating mask is an easy to apply, easy to remove beauty essential that utilizes small amounts to do the heavy lifting. Simply apply a nickel-sized amount to massage into skin and remove with warm water after 10-15 minutes to feel the full effect of its hydration and skin renewal feel.

Pro Tip: For even more moisture, leave Staycation overnight for extended hydration.

The Gold Standard of Under-Eye Masks

Lack of sleep haunts even the best of us. This time, however, you can substitute your next cup of coffee with the new gold standard of under-eye masks. Our Baggage Claim Eye Masks come in gold and rose gold foil with three layers of luxury to promote refreshing effects, reduce under-eye puffiness and help eliminate dark circles.

The gold or rose gold top layer foil prevents hydration evaporation by retaining heat and promoting warmth on the sensitive skin around the eyes. The second elastic layer prevents slipping, ensuring your under-eye masks stay in place, and the third layer delivers skin-loving ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, aloe extract and 17 amino acids for instant results and lasting hydration.

Simply cleanse the skin below your eyes, apply Baggage Claim then remove after 15 minutes to experience the hydration and elasticity your tired eyes need for the rest of your day.

Peel Off Your Worries with Brightening and Purifying Results

There’s nothing more satisfying that shedding a layer of stress after a big project or life event. And what better way to handle that stress than by celebrating with a brightened and purified look? Shed your worries with our Lift Off Brightening and Purifying Peel Off Mask.

Our bright pearlescent berry peel off mask detoxifies and awakens dull, tired or stressed skin with a number of powerful vitamins, extracts and antibiotics to replenish skin with the nutrients it needs. After applying, simply wait 10-15 minutes before you start lifting away your worries.

Pro Tip: Test out the effects of our peel off mask by applying a spot on your arm or neck to see if this mask is right for you.

A stressed-out look is never worth settling for. Take a break, relax and enjoy the stress-relieving moments our masks can bring during and after your session.

Check out more of our skincare essentials to help you achieve gorgeous on the go™ without missing a beat.

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