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Hey Wander Beauties! With summer in full force, doesn't it feel like your beauty routine lives more in your weekend bag than on your vanity? Check out the newest skin care addition to our ever-growing family, our Glow Ahead Face Oil! Here’s how this lightweight, and travel-friendly multitasker came to be and why it’s your new must-have.

Gone are the days of shattered glass bottles and ruined purses. This luxurious, multitasking beauty oil is like nothing you’ve experienced before. Many face oils come in heavy glass bottles making them not ideal for traveling. Having a serious case of wanderlust inspired us to create our first beauty oil in a spill-proof tube equipped with a dropper that always gives you the perfect amount.

Here’s a closer look at the tube and Wander Dropper:

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Glow Ahead Face Oil is a multitasker that is lightweight and instantly absorbs into skin. It hydrates, soothes, and provides incredible antioxidant benefits. We’ve searched the globe to create a cocktail of the most luxurious beauty oils and created a beauty elixir perfect for all skin types.

Some of the oils included are:

Raspberry Seed Oil (Korea):

- Improves skin health

- Anti-inflammatory & anti-aging

- Contains vitamin E to promote youthful skin

- Repair & protect skin

Castor Seed Oil (Japan):

- Easily penetrates skin and restores the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Evening Primrose Oil (Chile):

- Contains Omega-6 fatty acids which is critical for healthy skin.

These oils pack a powerful punch when it comes to combating dehydration and signs of aging.

Here is a closer look of how Glow Ahead Face Oil looks on the face:

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But that’s not all…

Our Glow Ahead Face Oil is vegan, gluten-free, and multifunctional! That’s right Wander Beauties. You can also apply it to cuticles, tap onto lips to plump fine lines, finger comb through hair to tame flyaways and heal split ends. This is where skincare meets makeup!

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Are you excited for our newest launch? Let us know what you think of our latest multitasker!