If you’re looking for curly girl tips and all of the latest in makeup and hair, Diane is one of our favorites to follow. She recently got married, and spilled all of the details! Read on to find out her wedding beauty routine, what the most stressful part of planning was and more!


When and where did you get married?


Sunday September 23, 2018 at McLoones Pier House in Long Branch, NJ - right near the beach!

Tell us about your wedding day!


It was my dream to get married near a beach and though my ceremony was going to be inside with huge windows, I really wanted to do a ton of beach pictures with my now husband, family and bridal party. When I woke up that morning, it was pouring rain after the wedding app said only 7% chance of rain. I was hysterically crying. My husband and best friend who stayed with us at the hotel the night before were trying to calm me down. I was so devastated.  Luckily, the day was still magical and fantastic. But the months leading up I kept begging the universe if it does one thing for me, please let my wedding day have nice weather, and it didn't. But most importantly, I got to marry the love of my life and man who I've been with for over eight years. He's my rock, my better half, the person who knows, supports and believes in me more than I believe in me. We've been through so much together, we've experienced some of the hardest, most difficult moments in our lives together, and of course countless amazing times.

In the end, what counted most was that we declared and promised to love each other forever in front of the people who matter most to us. That day, I really saw and felt just how many people loved and cared for us. A bunch of my friends knew how badly I wanted my beach pictures and right before the ceremony, the rain eased up a bit and they walked me with umbrellas and holding up my dress for me under the pier and under a gazebo to sneak in a few beach shots. They helped make it happen.

Seeing how many friends and family members came out that day to celebrate Tommie and I truly just meant so much to me. Was everything executed flawlessly? Nope, there were things that didn't go as planned, and I think that is normal. The day was absolutely incredible regardless of the minor snafus.

How would you describe your wedding style in 3 words?


Classy Mermaid Princess.

Makeup artist or DIY beauty on the big day?


Makeup artist. I knew my nerves would be shot and didn't want to risk doing it myself and screwing up because my hands were shaking or I was overthinking. Part of this decision came to be when I did my own makeup for my engagement shoot: I had to redo my foundation three times because I was trying too hard and couldn't get it right.

I met my makeup artist Caitlin, @hmua_caitlinalyce, in August when we did a trial. My hairstylist introduced us. She is so talented. We clicked right away. She is so sweet, listens to her clients and make me feel comfortable and at ease.


What products were key in creating your look?


We used a mix of products from her kit as well as some of my personal favorites. She went in with a bunch of stage and theatrical makeup because I am oil prone and wanted to stay as matte and full coverage as possible for the whole night.

I knew false lashes were also a must and I'm terrible at applying them myself. My everyday mascara, Unlashed, looks awesome on its own, but I really wanted to take my lashes to the next level. We blended the false lashes with my natural lashes with Unlashed for a natural effect.

Caitlin also used the Wander Beauty brow pencil in Blonde since it matches my brows and hair so well and stays put. Additionally, I had the lighter side of the Jet Set/Vacay Dual Lipstick in my lip mix.

What nail polish color did you opt for? Did manicure match your pedicure?


They didn’t match, because my manicure was dip gels and the color was specific to that. I got dipped gel nails because so many people told me they don't chip for three weeks. Well, one of my nails chipped before the wedding (I got my nails done 3 days before)! Luckily, it was hardly noticeable. But, I’d rather chip a nail than having a breakout on my big day.

Details on the hair! What products did you use, what was the look, tell us about the extensions!


I had my beloved friend and curly styling expert, Sage, @hairbysage_, do my hair for the big day. This girl knows how to work with curls! She has over 10 years experience with curls. I knew I wanted my hair down since I don't like it up and my hair only ever frizzes when it’s straightened, so I wore my hair with my natural curls. Sage used a whole bunch of products, including a good half a can of hairspray to fight the rain. My hair prep began the night before. I use Olaplex once a week as a stand alone treatment and I slept with it in Friday night. I woke up early, washed and put a mask on my hair and left that in for an hour before Sage even arrived.

She also used my typical curly styling on wet hair regimen of a leave in conditioner, filler, firm hold gel and oil blend to seal. A lot of the products were from my personal favorite hair care brands: Jessicurl, Raw Curls and Briogeo. I always dreamed of having Rapunzel-length hair for my wedding. I'm in the midst of growing my own hair out and it wasn't as long as I wanted. I came across @curlsbybebonia on Instagram, and she has her own line of curly hair extension - it was a dream come true.

I met her a few weeks before the wedding so she could make sure the extensions went well with my hair since my texture and color and both complicated. Soleil, the creator of the line, also showed me how to use them - they are clip ins. This was the only wedding thing I went over budget on, but I had the wedding hair of my dreams and regret absolutely nothing. Plus, now I can clip them in and wear them whenever I want!

I also knew I wanted a tiara and veil. I wasn't planning on wearing my veil the whole night, but it is the only day in my life I would get to wear a wedding veil and I just really enjoyed it. I have to think of more reasons to get that tiara back on my head. I love it.


What did your wellness routine leading up to the wedding look like? Did anything change from your usual routine?

I always do my absolute best to take care of my skin. We wear our skin every single day so I always want it to look optimal. I use products geared towards anti-aging and anti-acne since I'm so acne prone. I kept up with my regular routine. This also includes icing my face twice a day every day. I swear by this!

Stress actually caused me to still have one of the worst acne episodes I've had in a decade a few weeks before. I ugly cried over it. It was bad. I went for a facial, which I usually only do 3-4 times a year. My facialist was event surprised at my skin. She told me to come back the week of the wedding for a follow up and I did. Additionally, when the acne flare up happened, I went to my dermatologist also. He prescribed me heavy duty strength acne fighting skincare to take my routine up a notch. It helped significantly.


I already use face masks and eye masks twice a week. I kept that up but with my eye masks (Baggage Claim since they are the best eye masks ever) the two weeks before the wedding I used them every other day. My under eye circles are so dark. Baggage Claim masks are the only things that help.

When it comes to health, I actually consider myself to live a healthy lifestyle most of the time. I don't drink alcohol, I try to get 8-10 hours of sleep every night, I workout very regularly and I eat very well about 80% of the time while enjoying treats 20% of the time.

Months before the wedding I switched my ratio of 80/20 eating well to 85/15. The month before I got even stricter, bumping it up to 95/5. I won't lie, it was challenging, it was rough, but my wedding pictures will last me my whole life and I wanted to look my best.

I workout 5-6 days a week already - I've always done a mix of heavy lifting, yoga and cardio. I stayed with the program I was doing, I just pushed extra hard and truly made sure not to skip any days. My brain is really good and regimented with my workouts. Sometimes my body doesn't want to do what my brain does, but I fight through and motivate myself!

Best part of the planning process?


Knowing the end result would be getting to marry the love of my life!

Most stressful part of planning?


Making sure to keep costs as low as possible and sticking to a budget.

Any funny stories from when you were planning?


A moment that sticks out for me was the cake testing. Tommie unfortunately couldn't get off work to go, so I brought along my parents. My parents and I are very close. First, here I am, eating as strict as I ever will in my life and there's unlimited cake samples in front of me, and I have a sweet tooth. Torture? Yes. But they went to town. My dad trying everything was priceless.

Advice for any brides reading this?


This day is all about you and your fiance! Your opinion and wants are what matters most, and don't let anybody try to change your mind or tell you otherwise. You need to be happy with all of the decisions.

Prior to my wedding, I never understood why brides say they barely eat at the reception. Once there, I learned quickly. A good idea is to tell the wait staff not to take any food or plates off your table until you gave them okay.

Also, the day will go by super fast. Make sure to stop, turn around and I mean really turn around, look at everything and take it all in. All those people are in that room because they love you. All the decorations, everything set up, this celebration is happening all because you found your true love. How amazing is that!?

Make sure you go around to all of the tables to at least say hello. It will be impossible to have long conversations with every single person, but at least give them a hug and thank them for coming.

Lists are your friends. Because my brain was on overdrive with chaos, I made so many lists before that week of what I needed to bring along with me to the hotel when I packed. I made another list of the last minute things we had to bring over to the venue as well. Even when the invitations went out, I made a spreadsheet with each name, address and columns with "yes" or "no" to keep track of responses. That list is also beneficial because now I have all the addresses easily accessible to send out Thank You cards.

The week before the wedding I was more anxious than ever in my life. I'm definitely not the only bride like that. Book yourself a massage a couple days before because it will help you relax and after all the planning, you deserve it! My nieces actually took me to this incredible spa. We had an awesome day - it was relaxing and got my mind off the planning. It was so badly needed.

After your wedding, when you get your pictures back, post as many as you want to! I've been posting my wedding pictures constantly. For one, they captured the best day ever and also I just never felt as pretty in my entire life as I did that day. Someone told me I'm posting too much, but it was my day, my time and do not let anyone dull your post wedding sunshine!

Anything else you want to tell us?


Etsy was my best friend in finding unique and special pieces to use for the wedding. I got my shoes, cake topper, bouquets, sand ceremony and even Tommie's wedding band all off Etsy. Speaking of, we got silk flower bouquets so we can keep them forever and they don't die. Pinterest is also fantastic to get great wedding ideas.

Make sure you hire a photographer and videographer for the day so you can keep the memories forever.