Picture this: You spend a few (or many) minutes each morning and each evening diligently cleansing, moisturizing, treating and taking care of your skin. You have your mask routine down pat, your routine on lock… And then Friday rolls along.

You’re on-the-go for a weekend trip, and your weekender just doesn’t have the space for all of your favorite products.

Or maybe you’re headed to an out-of-town wedding, and you know you want to look glowing and gorgeous, but don’t want to carry three toiletry bags filled with beauty potions.

Or maybe you’re headed home for the holidays for a week, and you know that you’ll have to be armed with a lot of self-care tools (and wine) to face all that family time.

Or maybe your job requires a ton of travel, but the travel-sized beauty aisle at the drugstore just doesn’t cut it for your toiletry needs.

Whether you’re spending 10 minutes or 45 minutes tending to your skincare routine, a weekend roadtrip, work trip or vacation shouldn’t undo all of that time and effort. So what do you do? Do you pack your heavy jars, bottles, creams, and serums, (just thinking about how many Ziplocs it’ll take to protect them if they spill is enough to make me want to cancel my ticket!), or do you neglect your skincare while you’re away, and figure it out once you’re reunited with your routine?


That’s where our Take Flight Kit comes in.

This kit contains four of our favorite (and best selling!) skincare multitaskers in perfectly portable sizes so that you can leave your full-sized masks at home, and take your minis on-the-go wherever you wander.

Let’s Unpack What’s Inside

Glow Ahead Face Oil: Use this oil day or night to hydrate and moisturize skin. With a spill-proof tube (aka the Wander Dropper!), you don’t have to worry about this leaking in a bag and ruining your favorite outfit while you’re en route.

Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks: Each kit contains two of our iconic eye masks, which means you’ll have one for each leg of your journey. No matter where you’re headed, pop these on before you arrive to show up looking bright eyed and awake.

Extended Stay Hydrating Mask: Whether you’re traveling by train, plane or car, we could all use a little extra hydration (and fast) when we’re traveling. Use this mask as an overnight mask to wake up with bouncier, radiant skin.

Lift Off Brightening & Purifying Peel Off Mask: The best part of a peel off mask (besides how satisfying it is to take off!) is how targeted you can get. Whether you need to clear congestion on your nose, chin, or forehead, this mask has you covered.

Take Your Take Flight to New Heights

Have you ever used a jade roller or gua sha on your face? When you’re packing your skincare routine, these two lightweight tools (which Co-founder Lindsay Ellingson loves!) are easy ways to pack even more impact into your routine, while keeping your luggage light.

Pop on your Baggage Claim mask, apply Glow Ahead Face Oil, and use your tools to give your face even more lift and depuff.

How do you take your skincare routine beyond your bathroom? Tell us below!