New health-focused beauty buzzwords seem to be everywhere. Labels like “organic,” “clean,” “natural,” “eco-friendly,” “cruelty-free” (and more!) are tacked onto so many products. We’re all for this shift, it’s sometimes confusing to differentiate what’s real and what’s just a buzzy new word.

Here at Wander, we know how important it is to treat your skin kindly by using products that love and nourish it. But, with all of the hype around toxin-free beauty, we know it can get very confusing. That’s why we’re breaking down the differences between natural skincare and clean skincare, and what Team Wander believes in. 

Understanding Beauty Basics 


The trickiest part about understanding the difference between natural versus clean skincare is the lack of regulation in the definitions. There isn’t one governing body determining a set of industry regulations, so the words are often used interchangeably, even though they are not. And if companies don’t have one definition, then you, as the consumer, are left scratching your head. There are a few known toxic ingredients that many brands have steered clear of, such as parabens, phthalates and synthetic fragrances (Wander Beauty being one of them!); but, just because you see this on the label, doesn’t mean a brand is automatically clean or natural. 

Does it Need to be Natural?


Natural skincare refers to the purity and the origin of the ingredients. If the product contains only ingredients found in nature, then it is considered natural. It’s free of all synthetic ingredients or chemicals, and usually made from plants, botanical extracts and minerals. Sounds good, right? Well not necessarily. Though there are certainly excellent all-natural products, it’s important to remember that just because it’s natural, doesn’t make it good for you, or even effective. 

Here’s an easy example. Think about poison ivy. It’s found in nature, grows organically, and is quite literally green. But if you rubbed poison ivy all over your body, you would be miserable! And your skin would not be loving you. While this is an extreme example, it’s a way to remember that just because a product claims it is natural, doesn’t mean it’s good for your skin. 


Wander Beauty Hidden Glow Brightening Cream

Keep it Clean


Clean beauty is a little more general. Products classified as clean can be found in nature or they can be made in a lab. “Made in a lab” might sound a bit scary, but we assure you, it’s not. The key to being classified clean is that it must be proven to be ethically sourced and nontoxic to your health. It also has to be proven that the body can “process, accept, recognize, and successfully use it without irritation, sensitization, disease, or disruption” according to Shape magazine. So most clean beauty products are comprised of both nature-found ingredients (such as plant extract) and safe lab-made ingredients.

Wander-fully Clean Beauty:


If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed in choosing the right clean skincare products, don’t worry… we’ve got you. Here at Wander Beauty, we focus on creating clean, cruelty-free products. That means that while many of our ingredients are found in nature, some are created in a lab, but we will always stand by our promise to use only skin-loving ingredients. And that doesn’t mean just in our skincare. All of our color products are also infused with globally sourced skin-loving ingredients so they work with your skin, not against it. We won’t ever create a harmful or toxic product. But we WILL give you beautiful multitaskers, helping you to stay gorgeous (and toxin-free!) on the go.

Have questions for us? Want to learn more about our ingredients? Send us a message @wander_beauty!