Even Wander HQ is currently participating in Spring Cleaning! Here are reasons why you should consider decluttering and organizing your space:

1. It makes you more efficient

2. Clean space = clear mind

3. You can't ignore that clutter forever!

Don't know where to start? Here are some ideas:


Put small things such as binder clips or paper clips in little jars. Not only does it make cute desk decor, but they won't be scattered in your drawer. You could finally find a paperclip when you need one!


Clear out your paper stack. Whether it may be old receipts, magazines, old essays, catalogs...recycle everything you don't need. 


To prevent the prior, put/throw anything away if it takes less than 5 seconds. You'd be surprised what a difference this tip can make...it may even be life changing!


Shelves, containers, and trays. Things look better and more put together when they're in a stuctured box. We like clear acylic or frosty white containers! You can find them in various sizes and price points almost anywhere. Even better? Containers you can stack!



Make lists! They help organize your day and crossing out a finished task is oh so satisifying. It makes tasks less overwhelming and you'll never miss a deadline again. 


We hope these tips were helpful. Best of luck to everyone Spring Cleaning this year!