Postcard Series: Andrea Lavinthal Loves Switching Hotels to Break Up Her Trip!

 Beauty & Style Director at People Magazine


Travel- hate it, love it? Hate the process, love the end result. For starters, packing a suitcase makes me mental. It takes me like two days to get it done and I still end up with too many of one thing and not enough of another. And let's be honest, airports and planes can be pretty miserable these days. That said, once I've arrived at my destination and have my first glass of wine, I'm a happy camper.


It's not a vacation unless... I'm eating a quesadilla for lunch with my toes in the sand or I'm having a cocktail in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday.


Planes, trains, or automobiles? I love a road trip. My boyfriend and I just did the drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco in a rented Mustang convertible (of course). We stopped in Santa Barbara, Cambria, Big Sur, and Carmel. It was incredible.


Checked bags or carry on? Depends on the trip. I prefer to carry on when I can.


Travel beauty- bare or elaborate? Somewhere in the middle. I can go minimum with makeup, but unless it's a super-short trip, I always pack my own travel shampoo and conditioner, plus one or two styling products and my curling iron.


In general my beauty routine is... On the simple side, except I won't leave the house without curling my lashes.


I must pack ______ when traveling? Tons of reading material, an oversize scarf that doubles as a lightweight blanket and Kind bars because I like to snack.


Best travel tip? Switch hotels if you're staying in a large city or expansive region like Napa Valley. I like to do a resort with a spa for the first part of the trip and a smaller, boutique hotel for the second. It's fun to change it up and experience different types of properties.


Upon arrival at my destination... I take a long walk to check out the area.


Favorite travel spot? As much as I love to travel to an exotic beach, my favorite vacations have all been within the U.S. My top pick is Austin, TX.


What are your 3 must see/do things in this city?

Stay at the Four Seasons

Eat tons of barbecue

Find some live music