Postcard Series: Lilliana Vazquez saids it isn't a vacation unless...

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Travel- hate it, love it? LOVE is an understatement. It fuels me – creatively and personally. It’s what I look forward to most - having a travel date in the calendar with my girlfriends or my husband is how I get through the insanity of my day to day! 

 It’s not a vacation unless…there’s a margarita involved! 

Planes, trains or automobiles? Since I love to explore and discover places a little off the beaten path, I’d have to say a combo of all three ... and throw a bike and boat in there as well! 

Checked bags or carry on? Checked ... I am what some might call “ambitions” when it comes to vacation wardrobe. I pretend I’m going to get in at least 2 costume changes a day but let’s be real, I barely get out of my bikini! 


Travel beauty- bare or elaborate? Bare!!! I (thankfully) get full glam most days for my appearances on TODAY so when I’m not on-air I try to give my skin (and hair) a much needed break!

In general my beauty routine is…specific with a hint of adventure. I’m a huge believer in skincare – I have acne-prone sensitive skin (like a teenager!) so I try to take care of it by following a strict AM and PM routine.  But when it comes to color cosmetics I love to be adventurous and try new trends and products! 

 I must pack __________ when traveling? My Sony A7S camera and at least two lenses! 

Best travel tip? If you’re traveling with another person, book your tickets together so that you can reserve the aisle for you and the window for them ... this makes it less likely that someone will take the middle seat and you’ll have the entire row for yourself! 


Upon arrival at my destinationI check out the bathroom in my room / suite! I'm obsessed with fabulous over the top hotel bathrooms! 


Favorite travel spot? Anywhere on the Pacific coast of Mexico ... but Ixtapa/ Zihuatanejo tops my list at the moment! 

What are your 3 must see/do things in this city? A visit to the Mercado (market) for souvenirs and freshly baked goods, a cooking class at the Capella Ixtapa with Chef Miguel, and drinks / dinner at La Casa que Canta!

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