Susan Ho
Cofounder, Journy

Travel- hate it, love it? 
Uhm...are you kidding? I started a company that's all about helping people get the most out of the travels with the least amount of effort, so it's pretty safe to say I absolutely love travel. 

It's not a vacation unless…
All the important things on my trip are planned out in advance so I can just enjoy and be in the moment. The worst thing for me on vacations is when you get to your destination and you end up having to spend time figuring out where to eat, where to get a great glass of wine, and what activities to do. I like knowing that I've got my must do restaurant reservations set, and then I'm armed with a list of casual spots that I can drop into depending on my mood. 

Planes, trains or automobiles? 
Planes and trains. I'm a very good flyer and have no trouble sleeping on planes. Trains are great especially in Europe and Japan where they're usually spacious, fast, and comfortable. Automobiles I'm not a fan of as I always get carsick!

Checked bags or carry on?
I usually carry on (we're hard suitcase fans at Journy) when I'm traveling to my destination, but I check on my way back mainly because I'm usually bringing back some bottles of wine or clothing or shoes that I couldn't resist buying. 

Travel beauty- bare or elaborate?
Bare. I always bring my travel-sized SKII and La Mer to keep my skin hydrated and glowing. It really does wonders for your skin tone so during the daytime you don't have to use any foundation. All I do is fill in my brows, and then I'll bring an eyeliner and a light powder for evening. 

In general my beauty routine is….
Pretty simple! I don't have a lot of time or patience and even my current routine is only something I've started in the past couple years. I use Shu Uemura's cleansing oil to remove any makeup. Then I pat my face with SKII, put on La Mer's eye cream and moisturizer. I fill in my brows, put on some sunscreen, and am ready to go. 

I must pack __________ when traveling?
My Tempurpedic pillow. I have a herniated disc in my neck so sleeping on different hotel pillows can really aggravate it. 

Best travel tip?
Mobile Passport. It's an app that lets you skip the line at customs when coming back to the US and it's FREE and you don't have to go for an interview like you do with Global Entry. You download the app, take a selfie, put in your passport info, and there's a dedicated mobile passport line that never has a wait. It also lets you skip filling out the blue customs form. (More customs line hacks here:

Upon arrival at my destination….
I hit the gym. It's the best way to help my body beat jetlag. 

Favorite travel spot?
I love Copenhagen. It's a fantastic food city (home to Noma, rated #1 restaurant in the world for many years), and it's perfect in the summertime when the days are extra long, the weather is cool, and everyone is sitting outside drinking natural wines. Plus, Danes have an excellent sense of humor. 

What are your 3 must see/do things in this city?
1. Eat at Noma (you have to purchase tickets the day they are released)
2. Have a glass (or 10) at Ved Stranden, an amazing wine bar that's very cozy in the wintertime (the inside is set up like you're in someone's home) and offers outdoor sitting along the water in the summer
3. Head to La Banchina, an Italian wine bar on a dock with a single dish of the day.  People will pull up with their boats and kayaks for a drink and a snack. You can also go for a swim or relax in the sauna.