Lyndsay Green
Founder, Beauty Atlas
@beautyatlas, @ladyluff 
(Photo Credit for henna image goes to @MollyGrune for @AlchemyHenna)

Travel- hate it, love it?
Love it! Travel is enriching. Inspiring. Invigorating. It bridges the gap between people and between cultures. All there is to hate about travel is a canceled or missed flight. Unless it’s the return trip home—an extended trip is always welcome. 

It’s not a vacation unless…
My away message is on and I can leave my laptop behind. Otherwise, I consider it “working remotely.” 

Planes, trains or automobiles?
Something within me changes when I’m in the air. Maybe it’s the idea of being above the clouds, but my most magical thoughts and inspirations are sparked shortly after takeoff.

Checked bags or carry on?
If the duration of the trip is three days or less, carry-on. I’ve mastered stashing my things into a weekender to avoid baggage fees. Anything longer calls for a checked bag. No girl should be forced to pare down her beauty regimen to meet TSA requirements. Plus, it’d take several travel-size bottles of curl cream and conditioner to maintain my wild ‘fro!

Travel beauty- bare or elaborate?
Bare. I almost always apply a cream or gel face mask to infuse my skin with moisture while traveling. But depending on the destination, I’ll play with color on my lips. If I’m headed to the Caribbean or a beach town, reds, oranges, plums, and pinks are my go-tos. 

In general my beauty routine is….
Pretty minimal. I go for a tinted moisturizer or mix foundation with my sunscreen and apply with my hands, rim my lower lash line with eyeliner, apply mascara, and dab the apples of my cheeks with the same color lipstick that I’m wearing. I might press some cream highlighter onto my cheekbones, cupid’s bow and brow bone if I’m going for a glowy look.

I must pack __________ when traveling?
Advil. Because, migraines. Also, sunscreen. And coconut oil as my do-all product. 

Best travel tip?
I make it a point to book at least one beauty treatment when I’m traveling. I always learn a new beauty tip to work into my regimen and local beauty pros almost always recommend some of the best places to visit during my trip. Also, pack one less outfit than you need for your trip. You’ll be forced to buy some authentic fashion pieces from a local boutique or market. The best kinds of souvenirs are the ones that hang in your closet for years to come.

Upon arrival at my destination….
I always buy a magazine from the airport. I love adding to my collection of international glossies. Plus, they help inform me of the region's beauty trends. And once I get to my hotel or homestay, I unpack immediately. I love feeling at home even if I’m a thousand miles away.

Favorite travel spot?
Puerto Rico. My mother’s side of my family is from the island, so it has a special place in my heart. The food is the most flavorful, the music is the liveliest, the fashion is the most vibrant. I love the balance of colonial city and island life—the architecture in Puerto Rico is as beautiful as the beach water. 

What are your 3 must see/do things in this city?
Have warm mallorca pastries at Cafeteria Mallorca. Take a kayak down the bioluminescent bay at night in Vieques. Go dancing in Condado.