‘Tis the season for parties galore! Whether you’re headed to a casual Friendsgiving feast, office holiday party, family affair or the dance floor, your look is going to need some makeup to match. We’ve teamed up with our friends at Dia&Co. to pair effortless holiday outfits with effortless beauty for any occasion, wherever you wander this season, whether you have five minutes or 30.

Dia and Co Casual Holiday OutfitFive Minutes to Glow

If you only have five minutes to get ready, reaching for upgraded staples is key. For your outfit, keep it casual by blending comfort and style with a cozy poncho and your favorite pair of jeans. For beauty, reach for an all-in-one solution, like Wander’s On-the-Glow Blush and Illuminator to get you out the door quickly. This stick combines creamy highlighter and color into one convenient dual-ended stick, and all you need to blend out is your fingers. Plus, you’ll be able to pop it into your bag for touch ups on-the-go! 

  1. Apply the blush side of On-the-Glow to cheeks and blend upwards with your fingers. Make sure to blend into temples for a natural flush.

  2. Using the blush side still, apply on lips for a coordinated pout.

  3. Flip to the illuminator side of the stick. Using a finger, tap a bit of illuminator onto eyelids and corners to brighten your gaze.

  4. Finish with a healthy coat of mascara and you’re ready for cocktails!

Dia and Co Holiday Outfit
10 Minute Makeover

Congratulations! You have 10 minutes to get ready, which in our world, is enough time to get glowing, and dare we say, even add some eyeshadow. With some extra time, take things up a notch in the fashion department: A flowy layer and crisp white tee elevate dark-wash skinnies. Then make your makeup work harder by reaching for these multitaskers…

  1. Skip foundation, and head straight to concealer. Apply the matte stick end of Dualist Concealer under eyes and to any blemishes or redness that need concealing, then blend out with a finger.

  2. Grab your favorite eyeshadow palette (we’re obsessing over our Wanderess Off Duty and Wanderess Chill palettes) and reach for a shimmery neutral shade, like Unplug, and apply all over your eye with a finger. No brush needed! Have a few extra seconds to spare? Tap a lighter shimmery shade, like Starfish, into corners to brighten eyes and “fake awake.”

  3. Layer on 2-3 coats of mascara to define lashes, emphasizing the outer corner (closer to your ears) for a flirty effect.

  4. Next, grab your On-the-Glow and apply the blush end to cheeks. Blend out the creamy formula with fingers.

  5. Take the blush end and apply directly to lips. For a more subtle effect, use a finger to tap on instead.

  6. Flip to the illuminating side of your On-the-Glow and apply to tops of cheekbones and cupid’s bow for a shimmery effect that’ll catch the light (and all of the attention) wherever you’re headed!

Dia and Co Black Glam Holiday Outfit

All Out Glam in 30 Minutes

With 30 minutes to get ready, you can get fancy by adding in a bit of pampering (who doesn’t want to feel glam before a night out?) and amping your look up even more. With an all black outfit, let your makeup and bag be the standout accessories: Get a glimmer of glitz with sparkly sequins, faux leather and a shimmering shadow. Here’s how!

  1. Pop on a pair of Baggage Claim Eye Masks to hydrate and depuff under eyes. Leave on for 15 minutes.

  2. Don’t forget to make that mask moment multitask - while the masks go to work on sending your bags packing, start with your brows. Use a pencil to draw hair-like strokes in the same direction that your brows naturally grow in. Fill in any gaps and elongate the tail of your brow as needed.

  3. Keep your masks on! It’s shadow time. Grab your favorite palette and find a shimmery shade of medium brown, like Desert Island. Apply all over your lid with a finger. OPTIONAL: Blend out the edges with a fluffy brush.

  4. Tap on a sparkly liquid eyeshadow to the center of lids for a halo effect. Use a shade a touch lighter than your shadow shade.

  5. Next, line your top lash line with a black (or dark brown) liner. Finish with 3+ coats of mascara for maximum impact.

  6. Remove your masks, and pat the extra serum into your skin.

  7. Follow with a moisturizer or face oil (like Glow Ahead Face Oil) to prep skin for makeup.

  8. Grab your foundation and apply all over your face, blending out with a brush or sponge of your choice.

  9. Follow with concealer where needed (blemishes, under eyes, around the nose) and blend out with a finger.

  10. Apply On-the-Glow Blush to cheeks and lips.

  11. Follow with the Illuminator side on tops of cheeks, cupid’s bow, and corners of eyes for extra glow.

Where are you headed this holiday season? Which looks will you be wearing? Love these holiday looks? Shop all of your Wander Beauty picks at WanderBeauty.com and complete the style quiz at dia.com and refresh your closet for the season!