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Carol Lago Look

Carol Lago is #MomGoals if we’ve ever seen it! This former model turned beauty guru not only balances being mom to two young boys, but she looks gorgeous doing it. Carol recently stopped by Wander Beauty HQ and spilled it all - from her biggest multitasking mishap,to her diaper bag essentials. Read on to learn more about this #WanderBeauty!

Tell us your name and what you do!

I’m Carol Lago, a stay at home mom, beauty blogger and beauty influencer.

What does being a multitasker mean to you as a mom?

Being able to cut corners, but still be thorough, efficient and present! And hopefully, at the end, save a little time for myself.

Tell us about your biggest multitasking mishap (a time you were doing too many things at once and it ended in a #FAIL).

I once got everyone ready to leave the house - diaper bag packed, snacks, toys and strollers, this and that, all ready to go… I was ready to walk out the door when my husband looked at me and reminded me that I still had the towel wrapped around my head from after I had gotten out of the shower!

What 3 things never leave your diaper bag?

Sunscreen, lip balm and snacks. Have you ever seen a toddler hangry?!

What beauty product do you always have on you?

Besides lip balm, I always carry a mist or some sort of setting spray. I need a little quick refresher throughout the day! It only takes a few seconds, and you’ll feel like you did something for yourself.

What's your favorite mom moment?

Seeing the reflection of the values I try so hard to teach. When I see my oldest son being kind to others, offering a helping hand without being asked… that’s just what truly makes me proud. As for my five month old, just looking at his little happy cheeks!

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Speaking of your five month old… What has it been like to go from one to two children?

Crazy, amazing, scary, rewarding, crazy, heart melting… did I mention crazy!? My oldest is almost five years old, and the youngest is almost six months old. Having one child is great, and it gets easier as they get older. Having two is like having 10! As soon as you get one settled, the other needs something else, especially with their age gap. Their needs are completely different. We are still all adjusting, to be honest, and we take it day-by-day and try to have a Plan B for every situation. Allowing room for “failure” also allows you to be more flexible and go with the flow.

When you finally have some downtime, what's your favorite way to self-care?

I mostly just enjoy the quiet. Just to be able to sit with myself and not tend to anyone feels amazing. I also enjoy a glass of wine, because ‘wine’ not?

What’s your favorite Wander Beauty multitasker and why?

It has to be the Glow Ahead Face Oil, hands down. It’s the most versatile product! You can use it on your face to add moisture and glow, on your cuticles as a cuticle treatment, or a few drops on hair to nourish split ends. Not to mention, it smells AMAZING!