There’s nothing we admire more than a multitasking mom who makes doing it all look effortless… and stylish. @styledbyshishi does just that - and keeps us laughing with her captions capturing motherhood, fashion and beauty. Keep reading for an inside look into her world!

Tell us who you are and what you do.

I am the co-founder and sole female member of my male dominated mini-human entourage: I’m a stay-at-home mom to two tots.

What is your #1 mommy must-have?

A set of wheels with a five-point harness to move the kids from point A to point B. Be it a stroller or a tricked out tricycle with a push handle, mom needs some serious baby gear to get around town. Otherwise, I end up as the sole mode of transportation with one kid on my hip bone and the other in my arms.

You call your sons The Dictator and The Tyrant - where did those (hilarious) nicknames come from?

The ‘Dictator & Tyrant duo’ is a term of endearment I use to refer to the two little men in charge. Those boys of mine truly turned my world upside down from the moment they came out my sunroof (surgical removal via emergency C-section) and placed in my numb arms. It was love at first latch as I cradled their tiny bodies against my chest. They taught me how to be selfless, patient and love unconditionally. I cannot imagine my life without them in it. I am lucky to be their mom.

You have your hands full with two young boys! What's the one beauty essential that keeps you feeling put together, even on your busiest days?

A fresh manicure! When I am waist deep in matchbox cars, a single kneecap balancing against a slippery playmate, and a bare foot pressing onto a neglected sharp LEGO edge with one elbow pinning down a tot in a desperate attempt for a diaper change, I remind myself that I got this... so long as all ten nails are semi-painted and not ‘noticeably’ chipped.

You finally have some time to yourself! What's your favorite thing to do when you have some down time?

I love writing. I truly enjoy documenting my daily motherhood experiences and tales and sharing them with an audience in a witty yet relatable manner. My @styledbyshishi Instagram started as a personal blog about fashion and evolved to my motherhood chronicles, which is what I am most passionate about during this time in my life. My captions are known to be ridiculously long, but giggles are always guaranteed

Let's talk date night... what's your favorite outfit and beauty look for a night out with your husband?

Easy! A good pair of high waisted jeans to conceal this baby-making mom bod paired with a cropped top to reveal less than 1cm of bare skin. A happy reminder of the virgin abs I use to have once upon a time aka PDE (‘Pre Dictator Era’). My beauty look consists of a fresh coat of mascara, semi-symmetrical black winged eyeliner, a solid concealer (huge fan of Dualist!) and thanks to Wander Beauty, my highlighter and blush combo are always on point. I cannot rave enough about Baggage Claim Eye Masks: They help moms squeeze eight hours of ‘beauty sleep’ into a total of three hours shut-eye-time while looking well rested. All those skin-loving ingredients help to conceal the semi-permanent ‘designer bags’ beneath my tired eyes. They’re my secret beauty weapon and never leave my diaper bag.

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