Picking out the perfect gift for my mom is always a challenge… like come on, she gave me life, and I’m gonna give her a coffee mug? I will scrounge stores for hours and leave either A) empty handed or B) with a bag full of random items I think she might like.

This year in particular, though, I’m going to have to put diligent thought into my mom’s gift, since I won’t be able to just wander around stores for hours until I find the perfect item. So to help you (and myself), I’m giving you the best gift ideas for every mom in your life. 

For the Mom-to-Be

The older I get, the more moms-to-be that I know. This year, I’m giving them something to pamper themselves before their lives change and adding in something useful for their little one too. Lift Off Purifying and Brightening Mask is completely safe for pregnant women, and is a great way to give yourself an at-home spa session. That, plus Baggage Claim Eye Masks, of course, so that she can fake awake, even once that baby is here keeping her up all night.  I’m also giving them this diaper bag insert from Stoney Clover, to help turn any tote into an organized diaper bag. 

For The New Mom

When I think about new moms, I think… tired. But I also know they are full of joy and pride, and they’re probably to savor every moment of this time in their child’s life. So for the new mama in my life, I’m gifting our Staycation Hydrating Mask and a box of Baggage Claim Eye Masks to help brighten, depuff, and hydrate the skin after multiple sleepless nights. Not only will these multitaskers help our new mama fake awake, but she’ll also be treating herself to an at home spa sesh. Win-win!

To help her treasure these moments, a gift any new mom would appreciate is a Fujifilm polaroid camera. That way, she has tangible photos of her baby, without having to go to the store to get them printed (because who has time for that?). 

For The Career Mom

For the mom who never has a second to herself, who you can find putting her makeup on in the bathroom at the gym or in the back of an Uber, the best gift you can give her is the gift of more time. That’s why our On-the-Glow Blush and Illuminator is the perfect gift for the busy, working mom. With a few swipes on her eyes, lips, and cheeks, she looks put together but with a fraction of the stress. Throw in a mascara, and she’s got a full face of meeting-ready makeup in three minutes (and two products), flat. 

Additionally, the mom boss in your life would appreciate our Mist Connection Essence and Toner. This 2-in-1 skincare duo is perfect for someone who wants the benefits of luxury skincare, without all the hassle of a 10-step routine. Use it after a cleanser to act as a skincare primer, or take it on the go for a midday mist moment. 

For The Mom Who Has it All

We all know someone who has it all. And if she realizes she doesn’t have it, she goes out and buys it. This definitely makes shopping for her more challenging. The best option here is to think outside the box and buy her something she didn’t know she needed: something unique, yet useful. A great option for the “has it all” mom in your life is a Riki Loves Riki Mirror. Even if she didn’t know she wanted a lighted mirror, once she applies her makeup with it for the first time, she’ll be forever grateful. 

For The Health Conscious Mom

For the mom that’s always cooking something Whole30 approved, or running to a 6:00am workout class, we got you covered. That mom is going to love Hu Kitchen Chocolate Bars: They feel indulgent, but these chocolate bars are vegan, gluten free, paleo, non-GMO, Fair Trade Dark Chocolate. And they are delicious. This is the perfect guilt-free gift for the healthy mama in your life. 

She’d also appreciate a few post-workout essentials: Wander’s Extra Mileage Hair Refresher for hair refresh spritz or our Lip Retreat Oil for an “Is my face flushed from blush or cardio?” natural glam look. When her workout class runs over and she doesn’t have time to shower before picking up the kids… she’ll thank you. 

What are you getting your mom this Mother’s Day? Shop the perfect gift now at Wander Beauty!