There are a few key staples that every girl needs in her makeup bag - one being an amazing highlighter and the other being a great pink and coral blush. When creating Wander Beauty's first product, On-the-Glow, we set out to make something perfect for the busy woman who's constantly on the move and who doesn't have time for fussy makeup application or a cluttered cosmetic bag. Our goal was to downsize and create a great formula that can be used in a multitude of ways. We wanted to take the stress and confusion out of makeup application and create something that every woman  no matter their age, ethnicity, or lifestyle would love and use! But what inspired us to make these three shades? 

Coral Rose -

Our Co-founder Lindsay Ellingson visited St Tropez many times throughout her career for work and play.  Coral is a special color to her because it is a reminder of the beautiful sunsets in St Tropez, the various shades of coral in the seaside village, and the gorgeous sun kissed women. The word coral immediately transports you to a tropical sunny place and our lip to cheek blush formula will give you that "just from vacation" pop of color.


Soft Pink -

Lindsay started modeling during a phase in the fashion industry when the doll look was in.  Gemma Ward was the "it girl" at the time with her large wide set eyes and delicate features. Lindsay’s first fashion show was for Dior in Paris, where the makeup was very minimal. She distinctly remembers the makeup artists applying blush to maintain that youthful healthy flush of color, and that is exactly what our Soft Pink blush will do.


Nude Glow -

A great highlighter is a staple in every makeup artists bag. You may even call it their secret weapon! In fact every woman should have a great highlighter, as it helps to add dimension to the face and body and reflects even the softest light to illuminate your complexion.  Lindsay wanted our highlighter to give women that lit from within look, like the beautiful glow you have right after a yoga class.  It's not meant to look like you’re wearing makeup, but is meant to enhance your natural beauty and bring life and light to your face.

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