We all know it can be a struggle traveling and making your makeup work for you. After all, different places have different climates and that means our skin reacts differently. We've rounded up our best products for some of our favorite places.

Paris has pretty mild weather with an annual average of 68 degrees. 

We recommend:

On-the-Glow Blush & Illuminator - This 10-in-1 multitasker works for your cheeks, body, face, and lips.

Beijing is definitely an interesting country with a vast number of different cultures and dialects. Although may associate Beijing with being hot and humid, their winters are also cold and dry.

We recommend:

Flash Focus Hydrating Foundation - The coconut oil will keep your skin hydrated while providing buildable medium coverage.

Carryon Lip and Cheek Gel - The lightweight gel formula provides instant color without feeling sticky.


Jaipur is definitely a colorful city. So much so that we named one of our Carryon Lip and Cheek Gels, Pink City, after it! Jaipur is known to be hot, with the coldest month of the year only hitting 59 degrees.

We recommend:

Wanderlust Powder Foundation - The ultra-fine powders effectively absorb excess oil and aloe leaf extracts soothe skin.

Frame Your Face Micro Brow Pencil - This pencil was created to with stand humidity and heat.

Bora Bora is a dream honeymoon destination to many. With the opportunity to sleep in huts surrounded by clear water, who wouldn't? The average annual temperature is 80 degrees.

We recommend:

Slide Liner Automatic Gel Eyeliner - This waterproof eyeliner stands up to sweat and swimming.

Wanderout Dual Lipstick - This lipstick has intense staying power with a neutral on one side and a bright on the other.


Photo Credits: @joypcn (Paris), @timmckenna (Bora Bora)