Julie Ricevuto 

Digital Beauty Editor


Travel- hate it, love it? I LOVE it. Traveling makes me feel so alive. Each new country I visit is always such an adventure and nothing feels more exciting than that.


It’s not a vacation unless…I’m able to go hours without checking my phone for work emails or social media updates. It feels so good to disconnect from my everyday responsibilities.


Planes, trains or automobiles? Planes, especially for international travel. However, renting a car when abroad is an awesome way to go from city to city in another country while being able to see the sights you might not have normally seen while traveling by train. Getting (a little) lost can certainly be a good thing.  


Checked bags or carry on? Always carry on if possible!


Travel beauty- bare or elaborate? Depends on where I’m traveling. When I went to Thailand and Bali I didn’t wear a stitch of makeup for weeks (it felt SO good!), but in cities like Paris or Barcelona I’ll wear light makeup.


In general my beauty routine is…Pretty simple. I prioritize skin care over makeup and will generally wear a cream eye shadow (the Wander Beauty Exquisite Eye Shadow is my absolute favorite), mascara, and a tinted lip balm each day. Friday and Saturday nights are a totally different story though…


I must pack __________ when traveling? My kindle, under eye patches for the plane and a hydrating face mist (also for the plane—shout out to Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir). 


Best travel tip? Don’t give in to jetlag! No matter how tired you are, try to adjust to the time zone immediately. Do whatever you can to make sure you sleep for the whole flight so you feel slightly refreshed when you land. Napping or sleeping in too late is lost time that could’ve been used sightseeing and exploring.

Upon arrival at my destination….Shower, chug some caffeine, get situated and get out there.


Favorite travel spot? Rome, Italy is my favorite but Bali is a close second. 


What are your 3 must see/do things in this city? First, hit all the major tourist spots in Rome (the Colosseum, the Vatican, Trevi Foutain, Spanish Steps, the Roman Forum etc.). Each of these are worth seeing and will completely blow you away. Then, explore Trastevere, a neighborhood of Rome that has awesome restaurants, nightlife, and beautiful, winding streets that make evening walks so beautiful. Finally, make food a huge priority (duh). Dar Poeta has my favorite pizza and Roma Sparita has the best cacio e pepe in the city—both restaurants are in Trastevere!