Jackie Fields

Jackie Fields

Beauty Editor

People Magazine

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Travel- hate it, love it?

I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love that moment I step into my home away from home. I hate everything that goes into getting to said destination (including futzing about with luggage, and my irrational fear of turbulence). 


It’s not a vacation unless… 

My out of office is turned on — an my work phone is turned off. By those metrics I’ve had two vacations in my professional career!

Planes, trains or automobiles?

Trains! I live in N.Y.C but grew up in Boston, a quick four-hour train ride with breathtaking views of the New England coastline. I never, ever get tired of the sights.


Checked bags or carry on?

Checked bags. I wish it weren’t so (as I’d rather spend that $25 on a couple of fancy pina coladas) but my shoe obsession gets me every time.

Travel beauty- bare or elaborate?

Probably elaborate. My makeup bag is my vanity, miniaturized. My (acne-prone) skin and natural hair require such specific care, I don’t leave anything to chance. And I’m a stickler for good body lotions, so I’m never toting around fewer than two. Meanwhile my makeup takes up little to no space: Red lipstick, Mascara and the Wander Beauty Frame Your Face Brow Pencil. Who wants to travel with foundation these days? That’s what filters are for!


In general my beauty routine is…

In the morning, ritualistic. I follow the same steps in more or less the same order as if on auto-pilot (which, this all occurs prior to my first cup of coffee, so I technically am asleep at the wheel). But the evening routine leaves something to be desired…

I must pack __________ when traveling?

Peppermint essential oil. It solves all my travel woes, from nausea to low energy.

 Jackie Fields

Best travel tip?

Create a budget. Credit cards are a blessing and a curse. I like to know exactly how much I have to spend so I can manage my expectations.

Upon arrival at my destination…

I head straight to my hotel, because I spend countless hours overanalyzing lodging.

Favorite travel spot?


What are your 3 must see/do things in Iceland?

Tour the Golden Circle. Spend all day at a spa. Pick up a sub from Hlollabatar (as one local told me, “It’s like subway, but way better) then sit by the ocean and soak up the view."