We were born wanderesses. There is no better way to explain it than having that constant craving or need to be where we're not. It's that unexplainable yearning to go places, see things, and meet people - the yearning of new territory and the absolute need to travel.


Wander Beauty was built on our love of travel and the colors, formulas, trends, and innovative technology that Lindsay discovered over the last 10 years working as a high fashion model. So when it came time to launch our first city inspired collection, it was only natural that it be Paris - the city of twinkling lights, romance, fashion, art, and where Lindsay's career first began. This was the city where she was discovered by John Galliano, walked her first runway show for Christian Dior, the city that captured her heart, introduced her to lifelong friends, and sparked her passion for beauty.


There's something to be said about Parisian women. Their perfect glowing skin, tousled, undone hair, and classic red lips. They are the essence of classic beauty with their rosy cheeks, sultry smokey eyes, glowing skin, and classic red lips and are what we set out to capture in our collection of 4 products.




Catch the Light Highlighter - a cream-to-powder formula that adds luminous radiance. Ultra-fine pearlescent pigments capture and reflect even the softest ambient light to illuminate the complexion and deliver a glow that is gorgeous. Infused with Vitamins A, C & E, this formula conditions and smoothes skin while providing antioxidant protection. 

Wanderess Cheek Tint - a light, moisturizing cheek tint that goes on smooth and sheer for a natural flush of color. The revolutionary electrolyte serum is enriched with iron, zinc, magnesium, and copper that restore balance to the skin while delivering a healthy, radiant glow. Hyaluronic acid and humectants help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while hydrating and nourishing the skin.

Exquisite Eye Liquid Shadow - a silky eye shadow that is formulated with green tea and aloe extracts as well as Vitamins C & E. Wear the Dove Grey shade for a subtle smokey eye, or use as a metallic eyeliner. Lustrous, long-lasting, and no crease or fade!

Love Lock Hydrating Lip Gel - a luxe, balmy, gel formula that glides effortlessly onto lips delivering brilliantly sheer color. It hydrates and nourishes your lips with a cocktail of Vitamins C & E and natural humectants. It can be worn sheer for a natural sheen or can be layered for a dramatic Parisian lip.

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