What’s the best way to treat yourself anytime of year? Makeup! And what better way to get glam than to grab our new Eyes On Me Kit?! This kit is a multitasking gold min, featuring an array of eye products that will keep eyes bright and glowy for any occasion. Plus, it makes the perfect gift for any time of year - from birthdays, to Mother’s Day, to graduation and beyond.

Wander Beauty Eyes On Me Kit

What's in the Eyes On Me Kit?

Inside, you’ll find everything you need to create the perfect eye look, from priming to mascara: 2 Baggage Claim Eye Masks in Rose Gold, 2 shades of our reformulated Exquisite Eye Liquid Shadow and a tube of our newest mascara, Mile High Club Mascara.

Did we mention this kit is gluten-free, too?

Let’s Break Each Multitasker Down

It all starts with two pairs of our Rose Gold Baggage Claim Eye Masks so you can brighten and hydrate eyes before applying any products. Baggage Claim Eye Masks work to hydrate, brighten and dull the appearance of dark circles and fine lines.

Each mask has three layers, the top being that gorgeous, Instagrammable layer of rose gold foil that works to retain heat, so that the serum can absorb more deeply. The middle layer is a thin layer of elastic that prevents the gorgeous rose gold mask from sliding down your face, so you can apply your eye makeup as you wear them, for the perfect multitasking moment. The last layer is the one in which presses against your skin and carries all the key benefits that the serum has to offer. This layer is drenched in those skin-loving ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, aloe leaf extract, camu camu extract and lavender oil. Hyaluronic acid works too hydrate, while aloe leaf extract and lavender oil cool skin, helping to get rid of any inflammation and lastly camu camu extract contains loads of Vitamin C which works to brighten the under eyes.

Next, you’ll find our newly reformulated Exquisite Eye Liquid Shadow: Rosé Garden is a stunning rose gold color with more of a warm, pinky undertone which looks beautiful layered all over the lid, while Amber Wave is a deep bronze color that allows for dimension. These two wearable shades will take your look from day to night, whether you’re using a single shade all over the lid or blending the two for a soft and warm smoky eye effect. Just swipe onto eyes, and blend with a finger. These liquid shadows are enriched with niacinamide, sourced from India, that is known for reducing the appearance of fine lines. Calendula extract, from Egypt, works towards soothing the skin with anti-inflammatory properties.

Finally, you’ll find our newly launched Mile High Club Mascara to finish off your look. Just one swipe of Mile High Club Mascara will take lashes sky high with this inky, jet black formula that’s made for maximum impact. Since this mascara is formulated to take your lashes to new lengths, all you’ll need is a swipe of one coat onto each eye to finish off your look. With a clump-free, flake-free, water-resistant formula, your lashes will last all day (and night). Ingredients such as peach leaf extract and castor oil condition and help strengthen lashes, which allows your lashes to hold their length all day and benefit in the long run. Mile High Club’s SkyHigh Wand contains a straight wand with even and dense bristles, coating every bit of lash!

Wander Beauty Eyes On Me Kit

Three Multitaskers, Endless Looks

This kit is a must-have for any multitasker in your life, since these products will take your look from soft to sultry in a snap.

Start off the day by simply using our Mile High Mascara: Just one swipe will instantly open the eyes, which is perfect for a day in the office, running errands or even spending the day in class.

Mid-day, when you’re looking to amp it up for that big meeting or a lunch date, add a bit of Rosé Garden all over the lid for a little extra pop! This shade is subtle enough to keep things natural and glowy, but steps up your entire look instantly.

Since you’re a person who’s always on-the-go and your day isn’t over just yet, it’s time to run downtown for your friend’s birthday dinner or maybe it’s a movie date night! This is when you can use Amber Wave to pop in the crease to add some dimension to your look, or even go all out with a smokey eye!

After your long day of running to class, tackling those important meetings and drinks with your girls, it is finally time to unwind: Pop on those Rose Gold Baggage Claim masks to help relax and rejuvenate before you take on the next day.

Are you ready for all eyes on you? Grab your Eyes on Me Kit here.