3 Reasons Your Skin Needs Raspberry Oil Right Now! 

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All of our multitasking beauty essentials are enriched with skin-loving ingredients from all over the globe. One of the key ingredients in our all new Glow Ahead Face Oil is Raspberry Seed Oil, sourced from Korea. Adding raspberry seed oil to your skin care routine is beneficial for many reasons. Keep reading to discover why this powerful oil deserves a special spot on your vanity.

Raspberry seed oil contains Alpha Linolenic Acid

Alpha Linolenic Acid is one of two fatty acids that your body does not produce naturally. When ingested, it helps to reduce diseases of the heart and blood vessels. When worn on the skin, it improves skin health, overall appearance and reduces fine lines & wrinkles. It also has anti-aging properties that keep skin looking youthful and luminous.

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Rich in Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent damage that leads to aging skin & skin cancer. Vitamin E blocks free radicals which play an integral roll in aging.

It has sunscreen properties

Studies show that raspberry oil has sunscreen properties that absorbs UVB & UVC rays. This oil has been considered nature’s sunscreen and provides added protection to your existing sunscreen routine.  

Glow Ahead Face Oil contains a powerful blend of eight oils including raspberry seed oil, evening primrose oil, castor seed oil and camellia oil that help to restore skin’s balance, youth & glow. Learn more about our multitaskers here