If there's one skill every woman should learn, it's how to pack a bag for her busiest day. Us on-the-go gals know the struggle of keeping organized and being prepared for anything all too well, and while we may sometimes wing it, it helps to stock your bag with items that may just save you in those hectic times of need. Whether you're a daily commuter, running errands, transitioning from work to play, or are traveling to a faraway desitination, learning how to pack smart is a skill that every wanderess should learn. So take charge, grab your favorite tote, and prep your bag with these items so you're ready for whatever the universe may throw your way.


1. Written material

Journal & Pen - for meetings, interviews, to do lists, calendar memos, travel treasures, doodles, reminders, and more. Great for keeping organized.

Books/Magazines - for keeping entertained on trains, planes, and automobiles; in waiting rooms and on lunch breaks.



2. Life savors

Disinfecting Wipes - for awful commutes or messy meals.

Fruit/Nut Bars - for those times you're desperate for a quick pick me up.

Fan - for those scorching hot days where it's almost unbearable to be outside, there's no AC in the subway, or you're in need of an impromptu fan machine selfie.

Charger - for those days that you just can't seem to keep your phone charged - we'll blame this on Instagram, Snapchat, and Trivia Crack.

Headphones - for listening to your favorite mixtapes or when the airplane has that movie that you were dying to see in theaters.

Collapsible Tote - for grocery shopping, running errands, or when you just couldn't stop yourself from shopping a little too much.




3. Beauty Enhancers
Hair Bands/Pins - for horrible hairdays, gym visits, or for impromptu updos for evening events.

On-the-Glow Blush & Illuminator - for that all in one makeup must have. Helps to brighten complexion and adds a natural flush of color to lips/cheeks. 

Face Mist - to instantly wake up tired/dull skin and keep hydrated on sunny days.

Makeup Wipes - for makeup mistakes, cleansed slates, or to remove product before sleep or a long flight.

Sunscreen - for those sunny days at the beach, park, or wanderess wanderings around a new city.

Statement Jewelry - for an impromptu meeting, appointment, date, dinner, or drinks. A piece of statement jewelry and a colorful lip is the easiest way to transition your look from day to night.