If you have a case of the travel bug, it may seem like jet lag is a necessary evil in the process of satiating your wanderlust. Whether you’re headed overseas or for a weekend road trip, the act of traveling can leave you drained and wanting to spend precious time recovering in bed rather than seeing the sites if you’re not prepared properly.

Luckily, Team Wander has a major love of travel, so we’ve compiled our best tips and tricks for fighting (and avoiding) jet lag.

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Water… Lots of Water (With Lemon)

This one’s an obvious must, yet somehow, we often forget how important it actually is. Water hydrates and flushes out the system, while lemon detoxifies and replenishes the body with vitamin C. Make sure you not only hydrate after touchdown, but en route too. This curbs the bloating and dryness that usually come along with traveling. Swapping in water for coffee, tea or alcohol, which all dehydrate the body, will help you bounce back from the lag even quicker.

Sweat It Out (Instead of Sleep It Off)

Hit the gym and get those endorphins going! Instead of climbing into bed, fight through the lag and work it out. Bonus points if you can workout somewhere with natural light instead of a gym - think outdoor yoga or exploring your destination with a run. Not only will exposure to natural light help your body adjust to the new time zone, but you’ll get to stretch out after a long trip.

Push Through

Reset your circadian clock by pushing through and adjusting to the local time zone. This tip is a favorite of Co-founder, Lindsay Ellingson: “When arriving in the morning after a red-eye flight, it's crucial to resist the urge to nap. Instead, it's best to adjust to the time zone you're in right away. I've found if I nap, it takes three days longer to adjust to the city I'm in. Walking in a park, taking a stroll on the beach, and staying in the sunshine will help keep you awake.”

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Pamper Yourself (In-Flight and Post-Flight)!

Did you know that the air in a flight is continuously recirculated? And we all know that being at a high altitude is super dehydrating. That’s why taking care of your skin and body both in-flight and after is crucial, especially in fighting jet lag. Even if you’re on a train or in a car for a long period of time, being cooped up is a perfect time to treat yourself.

While you’re en route, try to cleanse a few times with a gentle cleanser, like micellar water, to keep grime and debis at bay. This is also a great time to pop on a sheet mask, overnight hydrating mask (if you’re taking a red eye) or eye mask, and rub a bit of cuticle oil onto nails.

Another tip: A long trip is the also the perfect time to treat your hair, too. Before departing, apply a hair mask or treatment, and then pull hair into a sleek bun - no one will ever know!

Post-journey, a massage (body or face) is a great way to fight swelling, bloating, flush toxins out of your system, and rehydrate skin. Plus, you’ll get the blood flowing again after being cooped up for hours.

Where are you traveling over the holiday season? What are your tips for fighting jet lag? Tell us in the comments!