When you think of Wander Beauty, many things may come to mind: beauty essentials, multitaskers and our Unlashed Mascara, perhaps?

If you follow us on Instagram, you may have noticed we recently launched a new mascara: Mile High Club Mascara… So you may be asking yourself why we decided to launch another mascara when our current one has become a must-have formula and Allure Best of Beauty Award winner? And what’s the difference in both formulas? Do you even need both?! We’re here to break down our two mascaras so you can decide which formula is best for you and the looks you’re trying to create.

Wander Beauty Unlashed Volume and Curl Mascaras and Mile High Club Volume and Length Mascaras

Let’s start with the similarities…

Like all Wander Beauty multitaskers, both Unlashed and Mile High Club mascaras are enriched with lash-loving ingredients, so that your lashes don’t just look great in the moment, but they’ll continue to look fluttery without mascara in the long run.

Both formulas contain peach leaf extract from Korea to condition lashes and help to prevent breakage, as well as trehalose from Thailand, to help strengthen lashes.

Plus, both mascaras are smudge-proof, flake-proof and water-resistant for all day wear.

You may also notice that both mascaras are housed in the same type of tube component - that’s so you can still control exactly the amount of mascara on your brush, keep your formula fresher for longer, and make sure there’s no wasted product at the bottom. Plus, a lightweight tube is much more travel-friendly than your traditional thick, heavy mascara.

Unlashed and Mile High Club also took Team Wander the same amount of time to create: two years each! The product development team worked tirelessly, testing dozens of formulas and brushes, before landing on the perfect combo for each.

Wander Beauty Unlashed Volume and Curl Mascara and Mile High Club Volume and Length Mascara

So what’s the difference?

While both formulas are known for being volumizing and curling, they achieve the effect differently. Unlashed is made to be layered, so that you can control whether you want a natural looking lash or a heavy dose of drama. Its drier formula allows you to layer, and layer, and layer some more, while keeping your lashes completely clump-free. It’s the perfect formula from going to desk to date. The S-shape wand allows you to lift and curl with every stroke as you layer.

On the other hand, Mile High Club Mascara is a one swipe wonder. The sky’s the limit with the level of lash you’ll achieve with just one coat of this jet black formula. Mile High Club is a wetter formula, which saturates each and every lash with just one layer. The SkyHigh Wand bristles grabs are dense and even, and grab every lash for a full and flirty effect. Mile High Club Mascara brings the drama, making it perfect for those who crave a major mascara moment day or night.

Are you ready to take your lashes sky high? Reach for Mile High Club Mascara. Feeling more of a layerable lash moment? Grab your Unlashed and get going!