Friendsgiving is about spending quality time with your loved ones while indulging in flavorful foods and enjoying some apple pie (hopefully with some vanilla ice cream on the side a la mode!). Though it may take an epic group chat, Paperless Post invite and Facebook event to get everyone together and planning may be stressful, but the juice (or should we say cider?) is always worth the squeeze. Make it even more memorable this year with these tips! 


@lindsilane threw the perfect Friendsgiving for her crew! See more here.

Have a theme...

Whether it be through decorations, or a theme for everyone to dress a certain way, this will help bring even more excitement to the event. And everybody loves a reason to wear an ugly sweater, right? Scented candles always set the mood as well!

...and create a signature cocktail

'Tis the season to tap into fall's flavors and incorporate them into your cocktails! Be festive and create a signature drink for the event, such as a Maple Manhattan or an Apple Cider Bellini. Or, setup a mixing station and invite guests to bring their drink of choice - and supply festive mix-ins to spice up the drinks! 

Make it a potluck

Have everyone bring a dish - the more food the merrier! Let your friends choose a dish to bring and fill in the blanks. Less cooking for you, and who doesn’t love appetizers, snacks, and desserts aside from the turkey and gravy? Also, definitely go for buffet style, so you can setup and enjoy without having to serve. Just line up, grab and go!

Games, games and more games

Games are always a plus when celebrating with a bunch of friends. Especially if you're mixing old and new friends, games are an easy way to get everyone involved and break the ice. Board games, card games, or even charades while sitting back and relaxing (preferably, in extra stretchy pants). 

Spoil your friends with a gift bag!  

Have each attendee leave with a token to remember the night by. Include a sweet treat to snack on the next day, or a Baggage Claim Eye Mask to refresh after a night of drinking and eating.

Don't forget the music!

Having a premade playlist for the night just helps the atmosphere while every is eating and drinking, or if you don’t have the time to make a playlist (like plenty of us), just hit shuffle and enjoy!

Don’t forget to take pictures!

With all the chaos of decorating, cooking, and cleaning - by the time the night comes, you’ll want to kick back and take in the festivities. While it’s important to live in the moment, make sure you are capturing these happy moments with your closest friends to look back on!

Skip the seating chart.

Don’t stress over who’s sitting next to who. If people want to sit at the table, on a couch, or even stand. Let it be! You want everyone to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Have a leftover station!

In case there is a food overload (clearly you will be eating leftovers for the next week), you can create a station with ziplocks or tupperwares for guests to take food home with them so your fridge is not overflowing with stuffing and turkey legs

Lastly, have fun!

All of the planning has payed off at this point. Everyone is mingling, eating, and drinking. Even though you are the host, you should be enjoying yourself and not just being a server! #Success