Hi Wander Beauties! I’m Sheila (pronounced Shayla) and I handle all things social media for Wander Beauty!

You don’t know me very well, but if you did, you would know that I live for my morning beauty routine! I have it down to a science - moisturizer, brows, eyeliner, concealer, foundation (mixed with Glow Ahead Face Oil), blush, highlighter, and mascara, all in that order.  So when a fellow member of Team Wander posed the question, “Should foundation be applied before or after your eye makeup?” I jumped at the chance to answer one of the the most debated topics in the beauty world.


The truth is, there’s really no right or wrong way. It all comes down to personal preference and following the routine that works for you. But after years of being a makeup enthusiast, I’ve found a routine that works perfectly for me and it starts with the eyes. Here’s why:

Erase Away Mistakes

My signature makeup look is a razor sharp winged eyeliner and loads of mascara. Unfortunately, creating the perfect wing rarely occurs on the first try, no matter how many years of practice I’ve had. Having a foundation-less face lets me clean up any eyeliner mistakes with a makeup wipe without having to worry about ruining my foundation.

Avoid Fallout

Eyeshadow fallout is the quickest way to mess up perfectly applied foundation base. Because who wants to have shimmery shadow mixed into their flawless complexion? Not me! I avoid this mishap by applying Baggage Claim Eye Masks to brighten, hydrate and reduce the appearance of dark circle while also catching fallout from my eyeshadow.

Clean Up The Brows

Brows frame your entire face which is why I like to fill them in before applying my eye makeup and foundation. My filled in brows act as a guide for where I should apply my eyeliner and eyeshadow. Once the entire eye makeup area is complete, I apply foundation to clean up the brows, eyeshadow, and eyeliner.

So there you have it. My reasons for why your eye makeup should go before your foundation.

So... which team are you on? Eye makeup first, or last? Did I convince you to try it my way? Tell us in the comments, or send us a DM @wander_beauty!