Face oils are not new. For years, they’ve been staples in skincare routines everywhere. When used as part of your daily routine, face oils can improve your skin’s moisture levels because they lock all moisture where you need it most. Keep reading to find out all you need to know and how to add one to your routine today!

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Who: Face Oils work well on all skin types. If you’re dry, face oils help to deeply penetrate the skin and trap much needed hydration where you need it most. If you’re oily, face oils help to regulate and balance the oil production in your skin. Most often, oily skin goes into oil overdrive to makeup due to an oil deficiency. Adding a face oil into your routine can help to create balance.

What: Face oils are typically a blend of several oils or a concentrated version of a single oil. Blends work well to treat multiple skin concerns while formulas containing one type of oil work well at going deep and concentrating on singular issues.

When: Face oils can be used as part of your AM and PM routine. Add them to your moisturizer or foundation to create a luminous finish or simply press them onto your bare skin. This should always be the final step in your skincare routine as it creates a barrier and locks in all of the benefits from your moisturizers, serums, etc.

Where: Press your facial oil all over your face and neck. Have extra? Apply it to lips, cuticles and even your hair to seal in moisture everywhere

Why: Face oil improves the overall hydration of your skin and locks in moisture so that hydration lasts all day. Depending on the blend, each face oil also delivers its own, separate skincare benefits.

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