Danielle Lewis, Beauty Expert & Makeup Artist 

Travel- hate it, love it? I absolutely love it!

It’s not a vacation unless…my phone is off and I’m completely unplugged

Planes, trains or automobiles? Planes, please and thank you.

Checked bags or carry on? Carry on. I hate bagagge claim as much as I hate the MVA.

Travel beauty- bare or elaborate? Bare. Less is always more for me.

In general my beauty routine is….Skincare, red lipstick, concealer, mascara.

I must pack __________ when traveling? Books and my headphones. If I leave my headphones home, the trip is cancelled.

Best travel tip? Dresses and tops for the win. Make those pants work over time. And… you don’t need all of those shoes.

Upon arrival at my destination….I’m usually hungry and ready to go somewhere local to eat.

Favorite travel spot? Paris.

What are your 3 must see/do things in this city? The Eiffel Tower (obvi!), any cute cafe, and eating all of the street food.