Although you may not know me personally, if there’s one thing I pride myself on, it’s my ability to get fully ready in a bathroom of any size. Whether it’s at the gym, in a restaurant or in my friends’ apartments… if it has a bathroom, I’ve probably changed my outfit and done my hair and makeup in it. I honed this particular skill while I was commuting to the city for work after I graduated college and didn’t have anywhere to change before the gym, dates or dinner with friends.

Fast forward to today where instead of commuting, I workout every morning. Since I go to the gym near Wander Beauty HQ, I don’t have time to run home between the end of class and the beginning of the work day, which means that I still rely on and have mastered every trick to making myself look meeting-ready after a sweaty workout. And now, I’m sharing my top tips so you can do the same! Whether you’re looking to touch up after a morning gym session or get glam at your desk before a dinner date, these tricks will make it so that no one will ever know where you got ready.


Strengthen Your Hair Game (While You Strengthen Your Muscles!)

Do you spend a full hour blow drying your hair into submission only to end up at the gym, undoing all of your work? This is my favorite trick to combat that!

Before your workout begins, spray a bit of Extra Mileage Hair Refresher onto roots and massage in with fingertips. This will help to actively manage hair oil before you even workout.

Pull your hair into a low ponytail (so that your part is the same as when you wear your hair down) instead of a high tight ponytail or bun to avoid crazy ridges.

After your workout is over, take a blowdryer and zap wherever hair is sweaty. Use your fingers or a round brush, depending on the look you're going for.

Next, spritz Extra Mileage Hair Refresher on scalp (I like to do the top as well as underneath) and massage with fingertips to fully refresh.

Fake a Blowout at Your Desk

Heading from a full day of work to happy hour? Take your hair from flat to flawless with a spritz of Extra Mileage!

An hour before you head out, put hair into a low ballerina bun - this will create heatless waves.

Once hair has been sitting for a bit, spray Extra Mileage on the middle to ends of hair to add texture.

Want to pump the volume up even more? Spraying on the root will give you even more oomph for a full blowout without a blow drier in sight.

Wash Everything… Except Your Hair

Getting ready at the gym means limited space and limited time. Instead of doing a full shampoo and conditioner routine, and bumping elbows as you attempt to blowout your hair (not to mention, there’s nothing worse than sweating after you showered, am I right?!) wrap your hair in a towel and limit to a body shower.

Pick an Outfit That You Know Works!

Don’t use tight time crunches getting ready in foreign places to experiment with your fashion sense. When you know you’ll be changing at gym or between work and dinner, choose an outfit that’s tried and true. For me, it’s reaching for black jeans, t-shirt, blazer and loafers. There’s nothing worse than putting on your outfit for the day and realizing something is off because you pulled a new dress or shirt from your closet!

Leave The Winged Liner For The Weekend

We’re all still trying to master the perfect winged liner, right? Although you may be dying to rock a new look for an after work date, experimenting in the makeup department can go terribly wrong when the lighting’s wrong and you’re in a time crunch. Save the look you’ve been dying to try for a weekend with lots of time, and keep it to the essentials when getting ready on-the-go.

Layer Up

After a full day on the move, you may be tempted to completely remove your makeup and start again before heading out for the evening, but time may not allow. Instead of redoing, just refresh! Spritz skin with a face mist, and layer up makeup where needed. A bit of concealer, an extra coat of mascara and a lip touchup go a long way and don’t require a clean slate!

More concerned about touching up throughout the night? Pack your Play All Day Translucent Powder for discreet, mess-free touch-ups whether you’re in the back of a car or in a bathroom!

Always Pack a Spare!

There’s nothing worse than realizing that you accidentally left your concealer at home as you get ready at your desk, or that you spilled dressing on your pants before happy hour with your girls. Keeping an emergency set of essentials, like a backup set of makeup, stain stick, breath mints, and Advil, in your bag so you are always covered.