Blush is an important product in every woman’s makeup routine, but figuring out the right application can be tricky. While we recommend applying your natural flush of color however you are most comfortable with, we do have a few suggestions to guide you on the most flattering application for each face shape.


All Face Shapes

Apply your blush in a downward stroke starting at the hairline, down the cheekbone, and working your way toward the apple of the cheek. Blend the color for a natural flush.

Long, Square, or Heart Shaped Faces

Apply to the apple of the cheek in a circular motion and blend up toward the cheekbone. This will make longer faces appearance wider.

Round or Square Face Shapes

Start at your hairline and apply your blush in a V down your cheekbone and up towards your brow. This highlights and instantly lifts the cheeks for rounder faces.

Round Face Shapes

Suck in your cheeks to find your cheekbone, then apply your blush directly above the hollow. Start by applying the product from your hairline in a downward motion toward your mouth. Then gently blend in an upward motion.

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