Cassidy Best

  • 10 Places To Go This Summer and the Makeup To Wear There

    Is it just us, or does summer give you a serious case of wanderlust? We know we’re dreaming about roaming exotic beaches and getting lost in far away places. But like you, we know that taking the entire summer off to travel may not always be feasible. But have no fear! Team Wander has come up with a list of places we’re dreaming of and places you can visit, whether you’re able to take an international getaway or just a weekend staycation. And of course, perhaps the most important part, we’re pairing these locations with the beauty look to wear while you’re there!

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  • In Need of a Vacation? Take a Trip For Two Without Ever Leaving Home

    In Need of a Vacation? Take a Trip For Two Without Ever Leaving Home

    Summer is creeping around the corner. Your summer getaway daydreaming is in full swing: You can almost smell the suntan lotion and the warm sand under your feet… until you remember you’re sitting in an office. Trust us, we get it! But with our new Trip For Two dual bronzer-blush palette, you can look like you just walked off the beach without having to book yourself a vacation.

    This do-it-all blush and bronzer duo makes it easy to feel beautiful and vibrant. From adding warmth and glow to your cheeks, to creating the perfect eye-opening look, with Trip For Two, you’ll look look so refreshed, everyone will think you just returned from the ultimate relaxing vacation.

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