Lauren Levinson

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    Travel- hate it, love it? Love it! LIVE for it. Is there anything better than a new experience?

It’s not a vacation unless… The only technology I'm playing on is Instagram and my Kindle. 

    Planes, trains or automobiles? Even though I can't really afford it, I enjoy flying business class (especially Air France!). I love a cozy little cubby and a flat-lay bed. Often on international flights, there is no wifi, so I HAVE to just watch movies, eat, and sleep. On my honeymoon flight to Southeast Asia via EVA, I even got cute pajamas to wear. 

    Checked bags or carry on? Carry-on or bust! The one item I asked my bridal party to gift me for my shower was a Tumi carry-on. I used it on my aforementioned two-week honeymoon to Thailand and Bali. I even brought a carry-on of bulky winter ski clothes for my four-night bachelorette party in Aspen. Why am I so obsessed with carry-ons? Well, I've had my luggage lost too many times that I am scarred. Plus, I like living as a minimalist when I travel. It makes getting ready so much easier! And it gives me a reason to shop before the trip for the perfect apres ski sweater or beach-to-cocktails dress. The next item you need: a cute crossbody bag that is small enough to fit in your carry-on tote (or in my case, a backpack) and also chic enough to to wear out at night. I recently bought the Gucci Marmont Camera medium quilted leather bag in black, and it gets the job done flawlessly.


  Travel beauty- bare or elaborate? I travel bare faced, slathered in Tata Harper and Eminence face and body oils. Right before I land, I put on brow gel, concealer, and mascara. It just wakes up your face. I also try to bring beauty products inspired by the destination I'm visiting. So in France, I only bring French brands and products to give me the local look (such as texturizing hairspray and a matte red lip). When I went to Southeast Asia, I brought a lot of creamy makeup and highlighters to enhance my tan. And I always pack three different lipstick colors (like mini wardrobe): a neutral and two bright shades. If you wear the same dress (from your carryon), you can change up the look with a new lip hue. 

   In general my beauty routine is…. I like to call my makeup look "bronzy boho goddess." I tend to favor sheer foundations, cream bronzers, and mascaras you can layer. A bright berry lip brings me joy. When it comes to skin care, I love oils, SPF day creams, and buttery night creams. Gels work best to de-puff my under eyes (when you're always jet lagged, you have bags!). I'm actually the most high-maintenance when it comes to hairstyling, and I can't live without my Sarah Potempa Beachwaver curling iron. 



   I must pack __________ when traveling? Minty toothpaste, a face mist that smells amazing, and a tinted SPF lip balm (it does so many jobs at once!).

    Best travel tip? Sit down on a flight, take off your shoes, put cream on your feet, and follow with comfy socks. By the end of the flight, your feet will feel amazing! 

   Upon arrival at my destination…. I immediately get a cappuccino — usually at the airport, especially after a red eye. The caffeine helps me wake up, and the milk offers a bit of protein.

     Favorite travel spot? Paris, France


What are your 3 must see/do things in this city? Go shopping in the Le Marais, and buy items from French brands (Isabel Marant, Maje, Iro, etc), because it's cheaper there! This is a little cliche but do it anyways: Walk into any bakery that smells good to you. Buy a coffee, croissant, a macaroon, a sandwich, etc. Sit in a park or on a street bench, and eat it. That's heaven. Don't skip the butter, either! I swear French butter has crack in it. I once went to Aux Trois Mailletz, a piano bar and cabaret in Paris, and had the best time! French people were rocking out, while drinking red wine, and eating bread with stinky cheese. 

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