Happy New Year Wander Beauties! Make 2021 the year of YOU with Team Wander! We asked our team for their New Year’s beauty resolutions. Here’s what they had to say: 


Divya (Co-Founder)

“Stay hydrated - that means Mist Connection, Baggage Claim, Dive In, and Staycation!” 


Amy (President)

“To eat clean, exercise more, and take better care of myself - basically the same thing I say every year!”


Lisa (Director Finance & HR)

“Stay hydrated and go clean!”


Danielle (Senior Manager, Brand Strategy & Education)

“My beauty resolution is to drink a HUGE glass of water every morning BEFORE my huge cup of coffee. Hydration and skincare go hand in hand.”


Maria (Client Experience and Community Manager)

Keep my skin hydrated by drinking more water and wearing a daily moisturizer.”


Caroline (Integrated Marketing Manager) 

“Doing my skincare routine every day no matter how tired or lazy I feel, drinking more water, and remembering to reapply sunscreen throughout the day.” 


Lenny (Senior eCom Associate)

“Don't be lazy and actually stick to my skincare routine daily.” 


Emily (eCom & Marketing Associate)

“Take cooler showers! I love taking long, hot showers but it dries my skin and makes my hair frizzy.”


Val (Product Development Manager)

“Take more baths! I know it seems so simple yet I always convince myself that I don't have the time. Even just 10 minutes helps me to unwind and decompress.”


Sydney (Product Development Intern)

“To start slowly integrating a retinoid into my skincare routine!”


Jenny Chen (Product Development and Operations Intern)

“I really want to even out my skin tone. I think changing up a few products in my skincare routine and making sure all of them have clean ingredients will help a lot!"


Taylor Chow (Creative Associate)

“Actually reapply my sunscreen throughout the day and experiment more with eyeshadow even though it intimidates me!”


Noema (Graphic Designer)

“DRINK MORE WATER. My skin is naturally oily, but lately, it's been feeling dull and super dry. Drinking water has so many benefits like clearing up your skin, reducing puffiness, and evening your skin tone.”


Let us know how you’re making 2021 a YOU year @Wander_Beauty!