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Beauty Basics: How To Create a Flawless Complexion

By Cassidy Best | Jun 24, 2019
Beauty Basics: How To Create a Flawless Complexion

Some of the best makeup days are the ones when you look into the mirror after your eight hour work day and find that your makeup is still flawless. Now, imagine that day could be everyday - sounds impossible, right? We are going to help you get that flawless complexion, using as few products as possible, all while catering to your skin type.

Oily to Outstanding

Those of us with oily skin (I am totally in this category and feel your pain) can understand the frustration of never being able to get our complexion totally locked. Having oily skin means your makeup can easily slip and slide all over your face, never quite staying in place. In order to avoid this and lock in your makeup and keep oil at bay, you must be cautious of what you’re putting on your skin before and after.

Most people tend to have oily skin due to multiple factors. This ranges from genetics, to your environment, to your diet and so much more - that’s why it’s important to be cautious of what you’re using during your everyday look and skincare routine.

The first step to a flawless complexion if you have oily skin is to start with a great moisturizer. I know it may sound scary, but it actually works. So many people believe these myths that face oils and moisturizers make your skin more oily, but it’s actually the opposite. Moisturizer works to help balance your skin from things such as pollution, UV rays and other elements that cause your skin to lose moisture and therefore, overproduce oil to compensate. After you prep your skin, you’ll want to use a long-lasting primer that has multiple benefits.

Now, for the most important part of this look which is the foundation! Picking a foundation can be challenging especially considering how many there are on the market nowadays. We recommend either one that is recommended for all skin types or one that leaves a matte finish. A foundation that works for all skin types, such as our Nude Illusion Liquid Foundation, leaves a beautiful, natural, radiant finish which leaves skin looking healthy and fresh. If you do choose to go this route, make sure to set your face with a translucent powder, this way your look will be locked and loaded all day.

The second option for a flawless face is to look a powder foundation, which are often great for oily skin. Powder foundation is wonderful because it is less likely to move around on your skin. Powder foundation is amazing because most contain oil absorbing properties to help balance out your shine throughout the day and it will not clog your pores!

Dry to Dewy

It’s true when they say you always want what you can’t have. Those with oily skin desire a dry face, and those with dry skin wish their skin would produce more oil! If you are one of those people who have dry skin, no worries: Here is a breakdown on which beauty products will bring your dry patchy skin to perfection!

Just like we mentioned for those with oily skin, individuals with dry skin are going to do the same and prep their canvas with a great moisturizer or face oil. Ideally, you’ll want to choose a moisturizer that contains nourishing ingredients that will lock in moisture for hours on end. Dive In Moisturizer is enriched with Pentavitin, a skin-loving ingredient that helps skin retain moisture for up until 72 hours. Once this is applied, apply primer to grip onto makeup for the day. Hydrating primers will work best considering they contain ingredients such as hyaluronic acid which is basically a drink of water for your skin!

Next up: How to choose your ideal foundation. There are so many foundations on the market nowadays that work wonders on dry skin. Finding a foundation that is loaded with moisturizing ingredients, like our Flash Focus Hydrating Foundation which contains coconut oil, will double down on your moisturization game. These creamy foundations are perfect because instead of clinging to dry patches, they hydrate and leave your skin looking dewy and healthy.

Get a Flawless Finish

Now that you know which base is perfect for you, next is the fun part - it’s time to apply it to your beautiful canvas! Always start with clean skin, once you have a fresh face you can apply a dime size amount of moisturizer and gently rub it into your skin with your clean hands. It is important to be gentle and not tug at your skin, especially considering the skin around your eyes is extremely sensitive and no one wants premature wrinkles. We suggest starting your moisturizing from the center of face and moving outwards.

After your face is prepped, apply a pea-sized amount of primer on the tip of your finger tips. I personally like to focus the primer on my T-zone because that is where my foundation tends to fade the fastest, but you can customize this however you may like. My favorite technique is to tap the product into my skin, not rub it. Tapping it in allows it to sit on the skin beautifully and will delay the process of your face absorbing it. Next, apply your favorite foundation directly to skin and use either a beauty sponge, foundation brush or your fingers to blend! If you use a beauty sponge, which I personally prefer and feel it gives an amazing airbrushed finish you are going to dampen the sponge and tap the foundation out evenly along your skin. If you prefer a foundation brush, use stippling motion to blend out your look!

To lock your look and make it last all day, reach for your translucent powder and lightly dust on top of your face. With Play All Day Translucent Powder, the powder lives inside of the puff (rather than loose in a jar), allowing you to precisely tap powder where you want it while maintaining your glow, totally mess-free.

Test out these tips and let us know what you think by tagging @wander_beauty on IG showing us your flawless complexion!

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